Welcome to @tech_crew!

Thank you for joining @tech_crew — a team of programmers who are interested in contributing their tech skills for the benefit of the Leasehackr community. We think this is a great place for tech folks to meet each other and for others to connect with the tech talents who share their interest in discovering a great deal. Please introduce yourself with your tech background — and let’s start hacking!


Thanks @littleviolette I’ll start: full-stack engineer, old timer, if you will - .NET and .NET Core frameworks, SQL, web services, RESTfull APIs, although haven’t done much UI lately, so usually still sticking with WebForms and some MVC.


I suppose I’ll chime in next and keep the party going!

I’ve only been in the space for 8 years - currently I’m a product manager in the clinical trial software world, but I’ve got SQL, Java, Python, Ruby, and JS experience to bring to the table, as well as some recent dabbling in Swift 5.3. UI/UX is the majority of my day, so def can help there, but generally glad to help in any way I can!



I’m a computer security researcher. I do a lot of rapid prototyping, and a lot less real software engineering. I prefer esoteric languages like Prolog, OCaml, and Scala, but sadly have to do a lot of programming in C++.

I forgot to mention that I do a lot of data analysis too.


I did not come from a programming background – just taught myself enough HTML, CSS, Javascript, and command-line language to keep this site up and running with the sheer force of curiosity and passion. Can’t wait to learn from everyone here and see what is possible!


Nice. Me ? No, no. No tech background. I was just curious to what the tech_crew sign meant with @phillydilles name and when clicked, it led me here. Im amazed to see such great people coming together, i tried learning C+ like 2 decades ago and was ready to kill myself. Anyways Good Luck Guys !


Learned it in college, felt the same way as you.

I’ve been in the tech industry for 2 years. I mostly have experience with Java/Spring microservices and Ruby on Rails apps, but I’m trying to expand my skills across full stack development. I haven’t contributed to any of the great work from the tech crew so far, but I hope to get involved soon.


We need to make a LH app

Honestly the mobile website feels pretty good to me. The forum engine LH uses is much nicer than most other forums


Add the app to home page if you have an iPhone it makes the formatting so much better.

Okay! Got it!

We already have. Its amazing. The mobile website. Allows you to do all the same stuff seemingly from your cell.

Hi there, folks. I just joined. I’m a full-stack web dev with ~2 years of experience with JS and PHP.

I also sold cars for about 3 years and and I’m currently trying to get into the broker game, but hitting some hurdles along the way.


I am a middleware developer with 9 years of experience in programming. Have been on this LH for 2 years and leased a car with help of experts over here and going to lease again in a month😀


Welcome to @tech_crew! Glad to see our numbers are growing! If anyone wants to help out with inventory search app efforts that are ongoing, the code is here: https://github.com/clasys/CarScrapper
I could certainly use some help in adding more dealers to configuration. Let me know if you’re interested.

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