Website not loading on Safari browsers

Yep, understand advanced setting in Safari

For those who are still having the issue – could you visiting the site using /safe-mode?

I am trying to figure out whether the issue is related to our plugins which may have prevent the site to load properly after the update. I just double checked that all our plugins are up-to-date.

I haven’t been able to replicate the issue even though I haven’t cleared my cache or cookies since the software update. Appreciate y’all’s help and patience as we debug this!

safe mode works. regular doesn’t.

It seems to be working fine now in the regular mode.

It wasn’t working for me in Chrome on Android for the last few days without clearing all cached data. It is now working fine on the same combo in regular mode.

Started loading slower again for the past couple of days. I can clear cache, but just wanted to let you know. Didn’t happen before.

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