Wear and tear insurance, worth it?

Chuckled at the shop at discount malls question. It should be an insurance quote question as well!

Like many people said, it depends on your risk tolerance. I got away with large scratches and bad tires last time, should I purchased the insurance, it would be money in the drain. Will I be as lucky the next time? Maybe no, but I am willing to roll the dice.

I called up the dealership, they said they would have to do the lease all over again to figure in the excess wear and tear package, said it could be done within 30 days however the price wasn’t $495, it was $800!

I have leased 3 cars. I have never added in the wear and tear packages. This time though I was really thinking about it… Last car I brought back was in mint condition with under mileage. They bought back a couple of months of payments, now I’m sure they were able to put it up for sale for a good premium since it was mint.

So I wonder how many lesees add this wear and tear package to their lease payments. Would be interesting to get an idea.

My friend is about to turn in their lease, it’s 7,000 miles over mileage and they just replaced the tires before sending it back. The car has some scratches and was probably washed twice a year.

My other friend switched from one car company to another. They bought back 1/2 her miles …I have to ask her if they also paid the $350 disposition fee.

I guess it depends on the make (or dealer park-up). i know Toyota sells waivers for $395 in NY, regardless even if a dealer tells you its $800 lots of auto brokers will sell you a waiver for a car with a MSRP of 70K or less for $495 with coverage of 5K in damages.

also you should be able to get a waiver from a third party company without redoing the contract as long as it’s in the first 30 days.

You trust those third party companies? Most I have seen have bad write ups, which third party is the most reliable that you have either used or heard good opinions from? I’m still under 30 days on my lease.

The dealer is trying to sell protection plan for 84 month for $850 for a lease for 36 months. However, he says that it can be cancelled after 35 months to get the refund for the remaining months.

I couldn’t find any info online for cancellation. Please throw some light.

Do you live in Los Angeles? Because every car will get beat to crap in LA.

Sounds like bullshit

We’ve always leased cars and we’ve never had a problem with W/T charges because we typically re-lease from the same dealer and they waive the charges to keep our business. This time we leased a 2017 Kia EV Soul for our teenagers and I guess my husband signed up for $7500 in coverage for $600. I’m so glad he did. The car is about 9 months before turn-in and the front tires are ready to be replaced now. After researching I found out Kia charges you $90 a tire if it’s below minimum tread but they also charge $90 a tire if you replace with a non-original brand. Now that I know I have this insurance I’m only going to replace the 2 front ones and I’ll probably go with an off-brand. The charge for this along with the 2 door dings, low tread on back tires, and host of scrapes, chips, etc. will definitely make it worth it for us. Especially since we’re still looking for the spare key which disappeared a few months back - that’s a whopping $350 charge.

I just leased a vehicle and the dealer didn’t offer me the wear & tear option, I want to buy thru a 3rd party which company can I reach out to. Located in NY

If you got any more info lmk, I leased a car the dealer didn’t provide any wear and tear service so I’m looking to buy from a 3rd party $5000 wear and tear insurance

If you got any more information buying thru a 3rd party lmk. Looking for a $5,000 insurance my dealer didn’t offer at the lease

Don’t post the same thing multiple times, especially in a years old thread.


I am really glad that I added that wear and tear insurance…


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It’s kind of urgent, replied to a few comments. Sorry if it hurt

I hope you realize that your urgency means very little when you reply to someone who posted 2-3 years ago (and twice to the same person and the same post)

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The only urgent thing you can do is call the dealership and see if they can add it on. I have no idea how flexible manufacturers are for adding this post signing. but dealership have every incentive to do whatever possible to add this high margin item.

As for third party, I can’t see that being worth it. This is such a niche product. Almost anyone who cares about this gets it from a dealer.

Why is it urgent?

Do you have a preexisting condition you’re hoping to cover?


*Dealer *

When I used to work on a much luxury dealership it’s a no brained to purchase such insurance. For example I had a guest that bought a $100k car and completely curbrashed his wheels parking his car at home, The repair cost already covered the insurance cost x2 already. I think it’s worth it. You can be the most careful person in the world but the people around you don’t care about your car and won’t bat an eye after dinging it :slight_smile: