Wear and tear insurance, worth it?

Just curious if the ($5000) wear and tear insurance is worth the asking price of $495 on a 2 year encore lease?

Is the $495. asking price negotiable?


Scrape a rim and scuff a bumper you’ve made more than your money back, seems worth it in my opinion. (I’m a dealer)

Asked and answered many times. My short answer is no.


You should not comment on such topics without the disclosure that you are a dealer.

Protection products are a big profit center for dealers.


disclaimer here - dealer as well
but second disclaimer - leasing expensive car

i just curb-rashed my car this morning in culver city, to add to my two scratches i had from the carwash guys, and i’m already adding up the bill in my head and an escape route… :sob:

Tell them no, its too expensive, they might offer for cheaper. (Im not a dealer :grin:) but im on desk signing my own deal right now and i just asked


Porsche cayenne windshield coverage well worth it

Try negotiating it. Or can you residualized it in the deal?

Is there something about the Cayenne’s windshield?

Because in general I bet 99% of people can finish a 3yr lease of a car without needing a windshield replacement. Minor repairs are quite inexpensive

I’m still not sure about this one. I got it on my Genesis but didn’t on my Jag. The thing that is iffy is how they determine what is covered. What falls under the category of excess wear and tear? Just long scratches? Or small dents and bumper damage? Not really sure how they determine what’s covered versus what exceeds even excess wear and tear. Would love dealer opinions on that.

Thanks for all the advice, Much appreciated!

State of Florida has rule, that windshields have to be covered for free by your insurance company as long as you have full coverage. Check with your state.
Even if its a slight scratch, they have to replace it without any deductible or raising any rates.
There was actually a business which I cant recall the name that got shut down by authorities because they were abusing that rule. They literally had cold callers calling people up day and night. I myself went through that issue.

Thought it was worth it on my 36 mo lease just because of tire ware and then a tree branch fell on my car , glad i have the coverage.

Isn’t that why we carry car insurance?


I went through a rash of windshield repairs a few years ago (safelite repaired no replacement necessary, though 1 was right along the A pillar and had it been to the right a few inches would have been an issue) 3 within about 6 mos. Never had prior 20 yrs and haven’t had since. Luck of the draw i guess.

It’s hard to say yes or no in absolute terms but evaluate it based on your own needs/circumstances.

Look at your car - does it have lots of dents? Do you park on the street, in a bad neighborhood? Are you always parking in tight city spots? Do you drive a lot, off roading? Does the car have many drivers, including new or less responsible ones? If so, these will point to you needing some sort of coverage for peace of mind.
Is your ex going to key your car? Do you shop at discount malls?

As for the cost, it can always be negotiated down.

And for trees falling etc, that’s what insurance is for.

Make your own decision.


I think if you have a lease that is 30k miles and the the wear and tear lets you turn it in with bald tires
goo chance you come out a head. My kids rav4 it was $400 and i know it will have major curb rash I should come out a head.

Hmmm, normally I wouldn’t ever buy the extended warranty/wear and tear stuff, but I am regretting not doing it for my recent Terrain Lease.

I park on the street in the City and the suburbanites coming to the nearby resturatunts are almost assuredly going to scuff my bumper on their 9th try at parallel parking.

Can it be added after the fact? I know I’d miss out on residualizing it but it may still be worth it.

Patel parking? 2020202020

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It isn’t residualized for any brand AFAIK. It’s lumped into your payment but you still pay the entire price