Watchhackr anybody?

Anybody here has a luxury watch?
I am looking to purchase my first big boy watch and looking at some Rolexes/Omegas. Want to be at <$5,000. Probably going with Omega because of all the strings attached to the name of Rolex.
I do not want to buy pre-owned, so has to be new.
Question is - Should I consider buying from an AD or grey market? For AD, how do I go about asking for a discount. For Grey market, which websites have you used? Quick google search got me to Jomashop, which seems legitimate. Anyways, at this high of a price point, I definitely want to feel secure and be 100% positive I am getting a legitimate product.

I bought my wife a Tag a few years ago (I know it’s not as high end but it’s still not a Seiko) and found second-hand was my preferred method. The one I bought her retailed at $2k and I bought a used one that was literally indistinguishable from new for $1k.

There are scores of second hand sellers, so of course, be careful if it’s the route you choose.

My $0.02 – Put $9.98 with it and get yourself a beer at the YardHouse.


Jomashop is legit. Big question with some of the grey market dealers is warranty after purchase. I believe jomashop provides their own warranty, but you’d want to investigate.


If you want a Rolex but are not the “Hey guys look at my Rolex” type, the Air-King is pretty good fit for you.

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Tudor makes some great non Rolex rolexes

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One question pretty much same as car leasing vs purchase, What is the reason behind the want/need for a Rolex? and then answer to that is new will depreciate but like anything new are you planning on selling right away? If your looking for a nice watch as a investment used is a great way to go.

The touch of green and yellow really elevate the look of the Air-King. I’m not a fan of the smooth bezel but it really works with that model.

My high school friend hand crafts watches, check them out.

I can’t believe nobody has mentioned this timeless classic…


The smartest watch of all.

Omega usually recommend greymarket since they don’t hold their value as well. Jomashop doesn’t come with warranty papers, you have to go through them which I view as worthless. There are plenty of known grey dealers davidsw etc that can get you whichever watch. If it’s your first big boy watch and plan to keep it for awhile, I’m at a point in my life where I’d rather pay an extra $500 and get it from a dealer unless there’s a massive price differential.

There’s a good number of options at 5k, can look at an IWC Mark 18, Jaeger Polaris or reverso, Omega speed master or seamaster, tudor. Really depends on sporty vs dressy. I’m partial to grand Seiko especially if you’re trying to fly under the radar.

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I really like IWC styling, but I’d have such a hard time justifying $5k on a watch running an ETA movement. If I’m spending that much money, I want an in house movement.

The new spitfires have in house movements. New mark 18s with discount are closer to 3.5k. as for the movement, yes it is not an expensive movement but it is reliable and easily serviced. There are much cheaper watches with the same sellita/eta movement but I to liken it to cars, the overall experience isn’t as great. Case, crown, strap, buckle, dial etc on many of those to me feel chintzy. For what it’s worth IWC now extended the warranty to 8 years.
For a first nice watch Omega speed master is hard to go wrong.

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Don’t get me wrong, the ETA is a great movement. I have a few watches with them and have never had an issue.

It’s like a Lotus Evora. If I’m paying $100k for a sports car, I don’t want it to have a Toyota Camry engine under the hood, even if it’s a great engine in a Toyota Camry.

I actually disagree with that, respectfully. Most Rolex’s tend to appreciate, or depreciate minimally. For example, if you look at the Subs/GMTs (hulk, pepsi, etc…), they have all gone up in value.

@kubikdanon I really like high end watches although I do not own many. However, I remember getting something that was not a Rolex, and immediately regretting not getting a Rolex. Granted, there is not much under $5000 (for my first luxury watch).

There are websites like (I don’t endorse) but at least you know what you could unload it for if needed. Even if you buy a $10K Rolex you could sell it much faster than most other brands.


I know this is Off Ramp, but come on. Let’s not turn LH into EverythingHackr. 3 likes will close this thread :smile:



No need to disagree we are actually saying the same thing…since this isn’t a open dialogue and a chat i use these and guns as an investment. So when people ask about hacking a Rolex its in the used market. Most dealers know of the appreciation and discounts are quite minimal. I have learned to buy used and hold as investment.


OK cool I agree with that :slight_smile:

Jomashop, Ashford, and Watchmaxx are my top 3 for luxury watches.

Word of caution though, Jomashop is considered a grey market seller, Watchmaxx is not an AD, and Ashford I recall is only an AD for some brands not all.