Was This Finally “Peak Insanity” in Used Vehicle Prices? And all other crystal ball questions

This is how I survived the endless series of Wrangler 4XE threads:

and by the grace of god why I no longer see the thread where everyone was/is(?) posting pet pictures.

Few words make me recoil more violently than “fur baby[ies]” or “doggo.”


Are these limited edition WRX STIs really worth close to $100k?


to a subawu fanboi

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Search for “dogs in leased cars”

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Exactly this. Dealers are in a “HODL” pattern for used cars even tho the sky is falling at auction. Nothing fun to be had at a discount. I’m waiting a couple more months but like you said, these prices might be the new normal.

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Wouldn’t that qualify for the used EV $4k credit?


Neat car. Six figures neat? I don’t think so. :face_vomiting::joy:

I think the more interesting point in that article is the announcement of a “direct sales model in 24 European markets”

Let’s hope these prices aren’t the new norm for sports cars or fun vehicles. New car inventory just needs to keep climbing and get back to a steady supply for it to normalize. Probably wont see normal new car inventory till around 2024.


This article puts into words what I had been thinking would be one contributor to a floor in used car prices in the future. Namely, the low new car sales and leases in the past couple of years from pandemic supply bottlenecks/chip shortage resulting in much fewer cars coming off lease in a year or two compared to the normal baseline rate.

If there is such a floor, it’s probably going to affect the various segments differently.

In 6 to 12 months… going to see a bunch of used Frontiers. :slight_smile:


We just started hacking them on Dec it is still full 17 months before any flow and another 3-6 for anyone extending such leases😂

You will (most likely) be underwater if you attempt to get out of a Frontier lease at ~6 months in.

Who’s We? Hacking started 12 months ago. So 6 Months sounds right.

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I think with 99% residual you are gonna be underwater no matter what.


Oooof only 10% ?Mercedes grew 20% for Q4 2022


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Be careful with these YoY numbers when your base year is depressed.


Yup, 350,949 units is still under pre-pandemic(supply chain issues) 2019 unit sales.