Was This Finally “Peak Insanity” in Used Vehicle Prices? And all other crystal ball questions

There was a Quattroporte here in the Midwest I wanted as a daily driver. As a masochist who keeps buying these things, I did the usual ‘how crappy is this Maserati’ look around, and asked for the maintenance history. It had the usual first 3 year maintenance records you want, dealer maintained, low mileage.

Then the red flag - Tampa, Miami (The Collection in Coral Gables, Ferrari/Maserati/Alfa of Fort Lauderdale), all the tell tale signs of a N-O-P-E. I have a sneaky suspicion it was a flood car, washed title and sent up north for sale.

Edit: thanks to this site, someone once said stay away from all Florida and Houston cars. It helped me dodge this.


TBH, I don’t know most of these YouTubers apart from Doug, Hoovie and Rich Rebuilds.

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Houston too??

Houston floods a few years ago?

I’m confused. You suspected it was a flood car because it was listed for sale by 2 franchised Ferrari/Maserati dealerships? I would’ve viewed that as a good history for the vehicle.

Now we need to add Nor Cal to the list.

Interestingly, I noticed that on my automotive accounts that all of our cars, no matter the brand, were marked as “subject to a natural disaster”… even though my cars were not affected at all.

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Not to mention the tax advantages…knock about 35% off all those figures and it was a great deal for him…

Nice try Mr. Flood Car Salesman.


I’m located in SWFL, but I purchased both cars out of state. The X5 in Texas and the GLE in Nevada. I can’t stand Florida dealers and their “doc fees”. Even shipping a car makes my purchase thousands cheaper out of state. The X5 I can actually sell for very close to the original 53k, probably $51k now. I scored two great deals on both, and I plan to keep them for many years… Well, the GLE less because its ride is not as luxurious as the X5.

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Have you checked trade in values recently? We have CPO 2020 X5’s that are going for mid-high 40’s retail.

Not loaner spec ones either. One’s a 75K originally.

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As you can see from my name. I ordered these cars to late in the market, dont wanna waste your time with those stories.
I have 2 C8 2023 coming in and 1 hellcat challenger.

My plan was to order them with time in-between so i can get all all different times. That didnt happen. I wanted to drive one and flip the other two. With the market going so far down, i dont think that can happen.

My 70th anniversary corvette c8 will be here this week
Msrp is 90k but see them for sale for 100-110k.

My 2023 challenger widebody hellcat will be here in 1 month.
84k msrp but i am getting chrysler friends and family discount. Should be 78ish after discount

My other c8 is a 2lt and it will be here hopefully in March.
84k msrp. C8 R package with Z51, new wheels, and alot of options that used used to be on constraint.

I wanted to lease, so i dont have to pay taxs, and i heard its what all the “flippers” are doing.

My question is this. Are ANY of my orders worth taking delivery then flipping right away?

If not, out of these 3 cars, which one is going to depreciate less by September 2023. IF i am not going to flip them, i at least want to take delivery of one and drive it this summer. Which one do u think is the best option and why?

I know no one can see the future but i value your feedback and predictions. Thanks!

I am currently thinking of leasing a new car. Timing wise I am quite flexible, so my question is:

  • Should I wait a few months hoping for a market improvement? (in terms of dealers having more inventory, giving out more competitive deals, etc.)

I know its a very general and quite tough question to answer, but it does seem that overall the market is trending towards a more buyer friendly environment, and I just wanted to hear some opinions.

Thanks in advance!

There’s still very little lessor/bank support (in terms of RV, MF and rebates) so small improvements in inventory and dealer discount don’t move the needle much.

Nissan seems to be the only exception rn, especially the Altima and Pathfinder. It’s really anyone’s guess whether support will increase by March (their fiscal year end) or they’ll hit their targets by Jan/Feb.

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Mods, I think its time to close this thread. As many have pointed out we’re way past peak insanity and this has now become a “should I lease or wait” post area for people who wont read through the thousa ds of posts here. Gents, its been a fun thread and I thank everyone for contributing interesting info! May we never need to post such a thread ever again :slight_smile:


Just received this email. :laughing:

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Sounds like something that goes out every month for the last 2 years. :slight_smile:

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Just saw a Model 3 with 158K miles on it list for 23K.

I think the insanity is over (at least in the used market)


Still can’t get something fun to drive at a decent price unless it’s salvage. It’s def down from all time highs but no where in line with old depreciation numbers on them precovid. But I guess that’s inflation and the wealth gap manifesting.


This is how I survived the endless series of Wrangler 4XE threads:

and by the grace of god why I no longer see the thread where everyone was/is(?) posting pet pictures.

Few words make me recoil more violently than “fur baby[ies]” or “doggo.”