Was This Finally “Peak Insanity” in Used Vehicle Prices? And all other crystal ball questions

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FWIW I’ve also never cared for the q5 nor the x3 personally. The x5, however, has been on my list for quite some time.


No dealer in the US has a full size RR on the lot at MSRP for longer than 15 minutes… Plenty of dealers will order one at MSRP.

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+1 - A few weeks ago, I was given a Q5 as a loaner while my A6 was getting serviced. The interior of the Q5 felt cheap. It reminded me of my '18 A4.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

This is quite interesting.

Agree. Also German manufactures have been hoarding energy intensive parts (glass, aluminum). It would make sense if the X5 is phasing to prioritize consuming those parts.

As others have mentioned Q7 has a slightly larger 3rd row than the X5 and smaller than the X7. Width wise Q7 is X5/7 class.

Q5 is squarely an X3 competitor, look at the price/trims/dimensions/features/options etc.




I think it’s been established that peak insanity has come and gone in the general used car market.

We should start a new thread on whether peak insanity is yet surpassed in the new market. From my perspective it seems to be a mixed bag.


I guess the big question now is if we are back at pre-pandemic values for used cars.

Given that new cars are still limited and over MSRP, we still have a ways to go on used cars.

Well at this point I don’t think I’m out of line to say it’s a permanent inflation effect and as usual there are/were winners and losers.

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Oil and gas prices are tanking, but inflation is still raging. How come?
Didn’t some manufactures raise the destination fee because of rising diesel prices?

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Oil prices have been going down, but they are hardly tanking as compared to a year or two ago.

4.90 last week, as of yesterday 5.09 for 87 :unamused:


Damn I’m at 3.60-3.80(93) again. Didn’t your refineries catch on fire or something?

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I’m sure that has nothing to do with our SPR being drained down at record rates.

Winter’s coming though so I wouldn’t count those chickens until they hatch.


Are they really though ? Maybe limited but what exactly is over the msrp at this point besides the aforementioned new Range Rover and the super limited stuff like a Porsche gt3 that was always over msrp anyways.

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Most of SUV/van variants of Kia


Maybe it’s just me, but isn’t it interesting that discounts off MSRP can be had on FCA products (such as Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Alfa Romeo) and some luxury brands (such as Audi, BMW etc). However, you’ll be “lucky” to get a Toyota or Kia at MSRP.


Used prices have been on a steady but slow decline for a while now. And I feel like new prices are also starting to soften. Also, if the economy does not show a better outlook soon, the correction in prices will probably start to accelerate.


Hmm. I guess this is what happens when one doesn’t try to look outside their bubble. Although I will say that taking a look at Kia msrp they seem to not be raising their prices to adjust for inflation. Most luxury cars have raised their msrp and some quite significantly but seeing the soul still starting under 20K and that telluride rover knock off in the low 30s it doesn’t surprise me that there’s no Kia cars at sticker. It’s an interesting data point. Thanks for pointing it out.