Want to lease SUV for under 500$ per month!

Hello All…I am looking for leasing an SUV for under 500$ per month, any recommendations of what is leasing decent if not best currently ? I am open to even hiring a broker to get a good deal.

Wrangler 4xe /thread


Chevy Trax


MAzda CX-5

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If you have a set monthly payment in mind, then you need to play with the calculator to see what you can afford in different scenarios. The brutal truth of the current market is that if you’re not using a broker or have some other researched negotiating leverage, plan on getting quoted MSRP for almost anything right now. At full MSRP and middle-of-the-road money factors and residuals, this calculator is about what you can afford - a $32k SUV: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

Now obviously if you can find something with incentives, pumped-up residuals, extra cheap MFs, etc then the MSRP will creep up in your favor, but if you’re going into the process expecting a candy store of luxury options in that payment range, you’re almost definitely going to be disappointed.

The Wrangler 4xe has very aggressive lease programs so its a darling of the hacking community on here these days, but its also a very niche vehicle that doesn’t check most people’s boxes as a ‘normal’ SUV.


Even you can get lower trim of Mazda CX-9 i think.
Just go to marketplace


Mazda CX-9

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Bentley, Rolls, Lambo. Any of the usual candidates.


Awesome suggestions :blush:

Thanks fr your input, will try to look around for 4xe

There’s a very detailed thread on getting a good deal on a 4xe

True but it is currently only at 4877 replies so should be a quick read…

I would say it will be an official detailed thread when it hits 5K

If the OP can block off a couple weeks of work and sleep to read through the 4xe deal thread he will be in good shape :rofl:


Remember that is the SUMMARY thread that replaced the first 1000-poster



Just barely…

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I say go with a BMW X5. You can get a $500 a month payment…you’ll just have to put $10,000 down. No problem


Assuming you pay MSRP on a Tiguan SEL or SE R Line Black, you would be right around $500 a month at 36/12.

Mazda CX 9’s you should be able to get around that for a mid level trim. The signature will set you back around $600.

Mind you, these numbers are 0 DAS.

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That would not be a bad deal.


Hmmm…actually it wouldn’t. Look at what’s currently being offered by brokers.

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I saw two broker listings that’s 2500 drive off with monthly in the 700s. I wouldn’t put 10k down but that’s pretty comparable.

I wouldn’t drive that if I was paid 458/month.