Want to lease a VW Golf

I am getting to the end of my current lease (2014 Auto Golf). I have 5 payments remaining so I don’t need something immediately. I am well under my mileage a allowance (28k of 42k). I am currently paying $245/momth zero down (sign and drive). I would ideally like to get into another Golf at the end of my lease 9or earlier) but from my first bit on contact with dealers I am getting much higher prices.

My question is what should I be looking to pay? I live in Rhode Island. Is now a bad time to buy. Like would be waiting for the 2018 refresh be worth it or would it just limit my already slim buying options? This is only my second car lease so any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

What is the mileage you are looking for? What model exactly?

When 2018 model comes out vw will have more rebates on 2017 model. Other thing you have to consider is 30k service which will probably be about $500 as it has to be done at vw service department (that’s what it was for my passat). Depending on how much you are going to use the car you might be better off asking the dealer to take your car when you get closer to 30k miles and exchange it for a new one. This will save you a service fee, turn in fee (but since you want vw you won’t have to pay it anyway) and you will get additional $500 off for loyalty. Looking at your current mileage you will probably drive 2k miles in about 2-2.5 months so you can look for a new car before end of June when they have 4th of July sale and end of 2nd quarter.

What is the residual buy out number on your current Golf? You might be better off buying it if in good shape considering low mileage.

How about a New but slightly Dusty 2015 Golf TDI diesel? They are for sale/lease…

Dealers around here are asking over 20k for them

I have heard rumors to the fact that the 2015 diesels asking is above MSRP but I got to wonder if I am the one high on drugs or the dealers are? In any case, the first example above should lease well

A one way flight to Antwerepen VW from RI is $117 bucks. If that will save you 7k, …

I didn’t know you had to get that service, it is required? Definatatley something to consider then.m, I don’t wanna put $500 in maintence into a car I’m not gonna have in a couple months.

So you think June would be the best time to buy?

I’m glad to see prices are reasonable in other parts maybe they’ll wake up up here at some point. Do you work for a dealership or just passing along the information?

Just passing …

Many would say “keep on going …”

Only need 10k per year btw

You are supposed to do maintenance on time so if you don’t do 30k miles service they might not be happy about it. I am turning my car in sooner to avoid that and I don’t want to find out hard way - end of lease department was not able to answer my question about max allowed mileage above 30k with no service done not to get any penalty.

Best time to lease depends on your negotiation skills and time you want to spend on it. You can get great deals every day, but July gives you advantage of 4th of July sale, end of month and end of 2nd quarter - they want to meet their goals and might give you some extra savings they wouldn’t consider 2 week earlier or later.

Here is more, big dealer and have quite a few. Not listed on their site yet, though:

No one is going to punish you if you return your car without doing service at exactly 30K miles or couple of thousand miles over. Dealers don’t really care.But you will be driving with the service light on.

Thank for the info Ursula. Go Blues!

I’m gonna email a couple dealers and try to get the ball rolling maybe one of them will make me a decent offer.

This is what I thought, but when I called their end of lease department they couldn’t say what is the mileage I can go over without any charges. Do you have any experience with this or is it just a guess? They said that when vehicle is inspected and any controls are on it might be a problem.

Yes, I turned my financed car in with about 5K over scheduled 30K service. I did change oil though, but not at the dealer. They can’t tell you how much you can go over and there are no charges for missing service. What if you are on a cross country trip when you hit 30K? The car will not die if you don’t do service on time, but financing company wants you to keep the car in working condition and follow service schedule. Some use regular gas in leased cars when premium or recommended is required and nothing happens :slight_smile:

Lol Ursula and the Blues …

Totally agree. Did you have by any chance VW? I think VW finance and dealers live in their own world. Lady from the end lease department clearly pointed service lights or messages as a red flag for inspection but couldn’t explain if service required was one of them. The only way around it I can think of if you have less than 3 months to go is scheduling inspection prior to hitting 30k miles as inspections are good for 90 days.