VW Lease Pricing sheet Dec 2016

This is straight from a dealer’s binder

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thank you for the great info !

even with A-tier credit, the interest is almost 5% ? is that normal?

Good deals on a GLI or a Tiguan S!

Golf R doesn’t even qualify for .00202 MF…“See standard rates” :eyes:

cant believe how low the residual is on the Passat, never dreamed a chevy would habe a higher residual

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I am also shocked. A so cal dealer told me a 2016 Passat V6 SEL Premium for a 36/15 is 42% residual!!! I’m better off ordering a 2017!!!

i am slowing thinking of not getting GTI …they said amost 380 with 0 downw …

Yeah I was looking at a GTI myself but even with $500 under invoice (for the higher end version) it was still around 509 incl tax in LA. He brought the cost down to $33,647 as an FYI

what was the selling price? It should be less than $380 if there’s discounts.


33,647 was the final selling price. The MSRP I saw on that was in the high 30’s. I did not write that down unfortunately.


or this

that would explain the higher monthly payments if the selling prices are above $30K.

The MF isn’t really great on the GTI.

Nothing on the eGolf…

This has been really helpful as I try to work a deal on a GLI. Does anyone have any experience trying to work the “Lease Dealer Bonus” into the conversation when you’re trying to get the selling price down? The dealers around here–Washington and Oregon–seem to be discounting the GLI anywhere from 4-5k and when I try to stack the lease dealer bonus of 1250 on top of that I get resistance. I was told that it’s a different program–not sure if that’s true or if they’re just maximizing profits.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who had looked at a GTI, only to then get a 3 Series for considerably less, if not the same money. My last quote for a GTI S was $3800 drive off, $339/mo incl. tax for 36/10k. For a 328i (~44,415 sticker) I was looking at 315/mo and only 1700 drive off.

Yes, I am in the exact same boat. Going to drive the 3 series this weekend and compare it. I did drive an A3 and that was super fun as well. Really nicely appointed interior and with the quattro it’s super fun on corners :slight_smile:

Wow, I guess I should feel better about the quote I got-- 36/12k, 873 drive off with a payment of 309 tax included. That was a GTI S with DSG, $3,786 discount and $1000 VW Loyalty cash.

that’s a pretty good deal! What area?

What was the breakdown of your drive-off?

Seattle area–

The drive off was-
309 1st month payment
467 license and doc
97 tax on Loyalty rebate

That’s as far as I can tell when I plug the numbers into the Leasehackr calculator. Seems like a pretty good deal when I consider ONLY GTI’s but it’s frustrating when I can get a Jetta GLI that has a $2600 higher MSRP for less than $260 a month with zero drive off.