VW jetta 1.8T sport auto

Location: MD (21210)
Term: 24 mos and 10K/year
Being quoted MF = 0.00005
Being quoted residual 0.61
Got 2 gift cards (one VW dieselgate, one from the dealer) that I can use for $ down, say $1k.
When the dude ran the #s last night I got to $209/mo. Any suggestions to get lower? Good deal?

Here was the deal I did last month: 2016 Volkswagen Jetta Sport 36/12k

Is that $1k a cap cost reduction or just towards the drive-off fees?

Cap cost reduction - I am getting to $209 w/taxes per month. But I will know for sure when I go in tomorrow to see the detailed worksheet. All we need is a 3d car for a year or so given family schedules. I think this is in the ballpark.

For a 24 month lease, it seems like a good deal, but it depends on what your drive-off cost is. I believe in MD they charge the full sales tax amount upfront, so it’s good if that cost is already rolled into the lease.

There might still be some more room to negotiate it down a few more dollars. I was able to get the cap cost to $4600 off MSRP, so that’s probably a good place to target.

Good suggestion re: MSRP - note I got yesterday was “$1500 drive off cost” with 209/month. But the devil is in the details, so I’ll find out tomorrow.

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VW has some MYE incentives now, and they are willing to negotiate, too.

Update - they sold the 1.8T sport (base) that we had originally discussed over the weekend and managed to find another one in NJ - this had the “lighting” package (whatever) but with various discounts (month end, labor day, 2016 model) as well as honoring the original deal we struck we got this across the line. They are clearly motivated to move iron.

I was out the door with $1500 down/drive away and $209/month for a 24 month lease at 10K/miles.
But applying my $1000 of VW gift cards (I have a 3.0 TDI touareg, thanks VW!) = $500 cash card + $500 dealer card so really $500 down/drive away (out of pocket).

Decent/good enough 3d car for us for the next two years while we need an extra and the babysitter uses our minivan and then back to the dealer it goes. Total cash out = $500 + $209 x 24 = $5516 for the lease, or $229/month all in.

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