2016 Volkswagen Jetta Sport 36/12k

Finalized my lease on a Jetta Sport today!

36/12k, zero down, first payment + DMV fees due at signing.

MSRP: $22815
Discount: $4611
Gross Cap Cost: $18204
Acq Fee: $625
Doc Fee: $199
Total Cap Cost: $19028

12k miles/year
Residual: 53% ($12091.95)
36 months
MF: .00005 ($56.23)

Monthly Payment (pre-tax): $194
Monthly Payment (with tax): $210
Due at Signing: $210 + $45 DMV fees = $255

Some Notes:
Everywhere I looked pointed to $1750 lease cash, but I couldn’t get any dealer to confirm that. Two dealers told me that the only lease cash was the $1000 VW model year end bonus (advertised prominently on the vw.com homepage). This dealer refused to break down the discounts and incentives, even on my lease contract. But I am happy with the overall discount and price.

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