Volvo XC90 T6 AWD - optioned


Latest deal i was able to get, is it the BEST, not from what I see others are getting, but it is a decent deal and what I can afford personally. YMMV.
Did not sign yet but in progress

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:
2020 Volvo XC90 T6 AWD (advance, booster seat, heat package, charcoal headliner and upgrade 21inch wheelsm metallic paint)
MSRP: $ 62,740
sell price: $54,246
Monthly Payment: $554
Drive-Off Amount: $3,999
Annual Mileage:12
Residual: 60%
Incentives:$1250 costco
Region: NE
Leasehackr Score:
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

Based on your post i too contacted AutoNinjaLease and i too am looking for exact car above you mention with exact same packages in Crystal White or Denim Blue. AutoNinjaLease gave me a quote of $506 with $3497 drive-off amount (plus their $499 broker fee). It seems too good to be true on a $62960 MSRP. I do not know the selling price as they cannot share it until i give them the $99 retainer.
This is by far the best quote i have had and i told my dealer too who said we don’t pay attention to those because half the time those brokers cannot come through with those figures. Anyone here had a different experience?

ultimately up to you but think about incentives. you are about to spend $20k or so on a car, $99 is probably worth the expertise alone even if they don’t deliver on a deal.

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They have a review thread

In my opinion they would not have much success here if they were putting out unrealistic numbers or having deals fall through all the time.

Wow only $506/month?
Did you have any other incentives? I only had Costco only. I know with loyalty and responder I believe I could have gotten lower. Let me know what details because if you got thar deal on the same exact scenarios I need to check or cancel my order and wait for a better deal

Ask him about his location first. Tax and registration may be different too. Maybe he also does MSDs.
And I also suggested to you where you can check directly with the dealer.

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like you Loyalty and Costco. Im in NJ and told them DV/DAS only to be first payment and docs fees which is about $1000. So they got back to me. $1000 drive-off and monthly payment of $580 which is still better then the dealer. My fear is paying the retainer of $99 and then they dont come through which means you wasted $100. So to say its worth to pay $99 for their expertise yes i agree if you get a deal if you dont you waste $100.
My dealer just got back to me with a car without advanced package at doc fees as DAS/DV at $575 which is $100 less than originally quoted, however i want the advanced package.

Right so i am dealing with 2 different dealers right now, just the car combination i want they only have 1-2 so its hard to find what i want. I tried autoninjalease to see if i can get a better deal which seems on paper i could but you wont be 100% certain until you pay the retainer.

I didn’t mean you :slight_smile:
I told @GC21 in PM to contact a good dealer to see what he can do. He has a few full XC90 T6 loaners.

ooops sorry clearly playing the noob here. thank you for your advice tho.

@GC21 @RedEagle12

Feel free to text me if you have any concerns or hesitations. I think I have quite a lengthy list of people who can vouch for me.


$99 is 1/5th of a single monthly payment, or 0.5% of the value of a what you will pay over 36 months. “Wasting” $100 in the context of this conversation is immaterial, and its already saved you $100 x 36 months.

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Where did the dollar go?

These should be going in the “taxed incentives” section of the calc. Uncle Sam is going to take his share of that free money, buddy!

It would be best, as others will likely suggest, to create your own topic and break down your numbers further. (tax rate, dealer fee, reg/title fee, etc).

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All appreciate the responses and the communication we all doing to get the best deal possible! Regarding my last response I would love to see a lower monthly (thus a lower selling price) but I am comfortable with what AutoLeaseNinjas provided me and the monthly reflects accurately from all the numbers. So all thumbs up to @AutoLeaseNinjas and contact them for best numbers if they can help in your state!

i saved $100 by going between 2 dealerships not mentioning ANJ before when i did mention to the dealers both of them mention they don’t even try to compete with brokers. Ultimately $100 might be immaterial to you not to me. However after texting back and forth with ALN i am more at ease with the retainer given that it is returnable if they cannot deliver the deal they sell you on. That way i don’t have anything to lose other than if i choose not to then take their deal, in which case it is on me.

After much back and forth with @AutoLeaseNinjas i am of the same opinion. Finalizing a few options, color combination and what not but right now best deal i have is theirs.

That selling price surely has at least the Volvo allowance/lease cash rolled into it. You should separate all of the incentives.

Also, don’t assume they’re charging buy rate MF unless you know explicitly they are.

Do not hijack the other user’s thread. Open your own

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