Volvo XC90 T6 AWD - optioned


Is this the correct place to see if this is a great deal or not?

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:
2020 Volvo XC90 T6 AWD (advance, booster seat, heat package and upgrade 21inch wheels)
MSRP: $ 63,205
sell price: $55,059
Monthly Payment: $599
Drive-Off Amount: $4k
Annual Mileage:12
Residual: 61%
Incentives:$1250 costco
Region: NE
Leasehackr Score:
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

Did you sign? Looks too high

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No did not sign but other dealerships are having a hard time to match. Can u help in why it is high ?

Start by verifying RV/MF/incentives with Edmunds and separating out the incentives from that selling price so you have a pre-incentive discount % to compare against other deals. That’ll tell you if/why it is high.


Yes. Seems high. If you’re in the NE have you looked at @Bostoncarconcierge or @aronchi ‘s deals? If you don’t have loyalty the deals may not be as good but I still find that price on the high side, considering I was able to sign on a 2020 XC90 6S Momentum Advanced that was $63,000 MSRP (loaner) for $399 a month and $3,600 DAS (Minnesota taxes paid at signing). Check those guys out. Deals are great.


JDeIMN , wow, now thats a deal. $399/month with $3.6k DAS, you can maybe get a load Honda CRV in this area. I currently have not seen deals (at least in NY/NJ) with a deal like yours.
I am trying to reconfirm the MF and Res. Only discount I am able to get is the Costco.

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Volvo allowance is $2k (I think) in NE, so pre-incentive discount is not bad at just under 10%. As @mllcb42 said - verify MF, do MSDs and ask for the breakdown of $4k (seems a lot for NY/NJ)

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Costco is not the only incentive available. (Almost) all volvos have some amount of lease cash/volvo allowance incentive. The dealer is most certainly rolling that into the discount amount.

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Yeah, allowance is in the sales price.
@gc21 - I get $597/mo with 7% tax and all fees DAS, but they should not amount to $4k


yes they provided:
Gov Fees: 421.55
Doc Fee: 499
Acq Fee: 995
Capitalized Taxes: 1841.90

so actually not $4k just $3757.45

I’m not sure if they’d ship or how it’d work with out of state taxes, registration, etc. however, I know the dealer has multiple loaners available and the sales guy said I could send people his name. Let me know if you’d like to reach out and see what they can do.

Capitalized taxes included in the monthly payment, so the actual DAS is ~$1,900. Then it makes sense.

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@JD @Ursus and others!
Appreciate the feedback on this holiday!
Just wanted to make sure I am getting sort of a deal and not “ripped off”.

So from two local brokers and a dealership was able to get $595/month and $3750 total DAS for 36/12.
Now is it near $399, like @JDelMN, no way without MSD and downpayment but not comfortable with MSD and downpayment at my current situation.

MF and Res. should have been .00141 and 60% (original post had wrong #'s, sorry all)

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Have you contacted @aronchi @nyclife @Benedetto or @Bostoncarconcierge? I wouldn’t pull the trigger until you do.

I tried to contact Aronchi, NYClife and Bostoncarconcierge, but was unable to get the help/numbers/feedback as needed. I did reach out to AutoLeaseNinja and they actually help me out and I got MUCH better numbers locally even from my own local brokers I know.
So I will be purchasing through AutoLeaseNinja!

Appreciate if you would post the new deal for our reference. Thx!

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No problem will be updating when I have some more free time today

yeah i’m looking at a new SUV so curious what you get as well. Are there any brokers with Volvo’s in WA?

Washington broker laws pretty much prevent this, however, there are some out of state brokers that will ship to Wa.


Well that makes sense. I’d been browsing the marketplace and didn’t see anything local, so this makes sense to me.