Volvo XC90 T5 AWD

The sales person at Galpin had no clue about MSD. she says they don’t do it. If i maxed to 10 MSD. what additional i m looking at per month?

If i do 1k down payment, that takes monthly to 588, that’s just too much.

Thanks for all your help guys.

You do understand that all you are doing is shifting the payment around by putting money down.

Look at the total lease cost, not the monthly payment.

$588 x 36 + $1k = $22,168

$532 x 36 + $3k = $22,168

Hell put down $20k and can have a $60 a month payment. :slight_smile:

See what we are getting at?


Maxing out MSDs will save you ~$50 a month.

Rusnak will do it. Galpin should as well. Pretty sure I talked to them about it a week or two ago.

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Yes Galpin will do it.

Thank You Guys for your Help. I guess both salesman didnt want to help on this one. they were not even sharing the detailed Calculations. The one in Galpin said Volvo Dont do MSD, I was surprised.

I am aware about the logic of shifting funds. I just want them to try and give me options to meet the target, i will try MSDs with other vendors.


Keep MSDs to yourself until you get final sales price and everything else. Volvo does MSDs, but it’s up to each dealer to do it or not.

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Salespeople often don’t know jack about lease calculations…use email to talk to the internet sales mgr or sales mgr


Galpin volvo does it. Insist on it and have the salesperson ask the manager.

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I just talked to an internet sales guy at Galpin, and they weren’t willing to come off of MSRP at all (just $2k incentive). I need about $3-$4k off MSRP before incentives. I wanted a $600/mo payment on an $53k 2018 XC90 T5 FWD and they came in at $740/month. They wouldn’t even go over the numbers because we were so far off. Pretty Crazy…

Also, after “talking with a manager” he said they “dont do MSD’s… the stuff you find on Leasehackr”. Obviously they won’t be getting my business. What a joke.

I wonder if they will change their tune the last week of the month.

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I am getting better deal on T5 AWD, They gave me about 17 % discount on MSRP. but i had quote from Rusnak and They matched it. I Believe Try Volvo @ Santa Monica as well they are also giving good rates. I am going to decide between Galpin, Rusnak and Santa Monica tomorrow. whoever gives me best will go for it.

If they only offer $2k off (volvo incentive), then they are only offering 3.7% off!

How did you get a quote from rusnak? most of these guys dont want to give me anything in writing…was the quote for the same exact car with the same exterior/interior colors and options? or just similar model with same msrp? the galpin guy straight up said, absolutely NO to MSD’s.

This came from Rusnak a few weeks ago to give you an idea of what they’re willing to do. PM me if you want the salesman I referred UCLABruin to

Try MIssion Viejo Volvo. They do mark up the Acq fee to $995. But seem to give good selling prices before incentives.