Volvo XC90 Deal Review

Hi - I got a call for a pull ahead (12 months out so I assume they are rolling my remaining payments in?) -

Thoughts? I can drop the hitch but it is kind of nice for toting bikes and maybe a light trailer. But it would drop like $20/month.

This is is 2020 XC90 T6 Momentum AWD 7 passenger, 21" and loaded

Have you done any research or searched the Marketplace? $826/mo for a T6 Momentum is a terrible deal.

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awful deal

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Yes - but keep in mind that includes a trailer hitch and wear/tear. Which those two take it 800. I have a better offer earlier but when I started adding options it creeped up. This is what I get for multitasking. I am going to regroup - I haven’t accepted anything of course. But I am also 12 months from new lease and I suspect they are just rolling those 3 payments into the cost (or reducing the discount).

Looks like they are rolling in all 12

So if I go back to earlier offer before I bumped stuff up - it was around $740 for $62,639 MSRP. I am seeing other dealers with $5k+ in dealer discounts on top of Volvo/APlan/etc. They were in $3k range which tells me they rolled it up. I called a few others and they are looking into buyout - but I will probably just stick with this. Although I know they are hurting for business…

why dont you just use a broker? do you hate money?


I suggest reviewing some of the broker deals.

From there, add your 3 payments, a hitch, and wear and tear to see where that brings you.

Adding a hitch after the fact, it doesn’t residualize.

If you can snag one with a hitch, it’s about 1/3 of the price effectively.

This deal really is poor though.

The suggestion above will help you.

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In all honesty I am a pretty good negotiator but this one totally got away from me - as I was working and emailing back and forth. I knew it was not great - but wanted to get a sanity check so thank you for the firmness :…lol

I am unfamiliar with broker’s but will look into it. Also I was unexpecting a notice to pull ahead 12 months in advance - and when I called another dealer she said its 9 months. So then it occurred he’s rolling it all up. Which is going to add up quick.

Also this is a 36/15k.

I’m actually about to sign a lease on a momentum that is a little cheaper Msrp

I believe it’s a hair under $63k
I have loyalty, wife is a teacher, and Costco
I’m at $1000 total out of pocket and $591 per month. 30 months. I don’t think I can get much better but curious what everyone thinks.

This is on a T6 6 seater FYI

36 months is probably cheaper


Where are you located and can you share details? I don’t have Costco which would be $30/month right there. I am reviewing a realistic offer tomorrow but still feel they are rolling in a few grand in payments which will add up quick. Sounds like you got a nice deal.

Costco is the least of your problems here

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And it is not $30/mo right there

What’s the rush? You over miles? That payment sucks

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You are technically almost right, if we talk about 36 months and not 30 and $5/mo doesn’t matter :slightly_smiling_face:

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36 months is cheaper but I can’t be in the car that long. Plus it will most likely need tires by then

There is always 6-9 months pull ahead, until there isn’t.

I just fainted. Get me oxygen. Its the apocalypse right now. People out of work. Buyers with their credit scores crashing and you have an $800 car palyment. In my life I have never , not ever returned any car early. I laugh and tell them to pound sand. Customers are suckers for that. In most cases they roll those payments so you pay for two cars but have one. In some cases they dont and its a straight deal but dont you get it, you are signing a new contract with no benefit other than a new car smell. FYI and it was a super sharp deal but my current S90 T6 had a sticker price around your car and I ended up at half the price with tax and MSDS. They saw you coming. There are some brokers here that can beat that deal by a mile. With COVID who is walking into dealers, test drives, the office sitdown, the grind? Nobody I know. Certainly not me.

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Well I didn’t walk into the dealer - they reached out to me. But as I said - I was doing way too much multitasking today hence why I ran this by the forum. It didn’t feel good. I spoke with another dealer and they confirmed the pull ahead is 9 months (at least it is now). So yes I totally agree it makes zero sense to pay for two cars as once - while driving one car. But when it dawned on me when I saw the discount I was seeing versus others - and the delta was around the car payment times 3.

So at this point I am going to talk to a broker in a few months - either going to stay in this car until the end; or will flip it in early and purchase a CPO depending on what is available.

We have been in the lease mode for years - so part of me would like not having a perpetual car payment. The other half likes having a new car every couple of years.

The other caveat I did not mention - is that I will be on the hook for four new tires likely before this gets turned in. So if I am able to find a decent broker deal in a few months then I may pull the trigger early.

For the record - this was all done over the last day via email; no face to face - which I despise anyway.

Thanks for the feedback - the sanity check was good for me …