Volvo XC90 Deal Review

I thought the Costco incentive was $1,250… And again I obviously didn’t move on this deal nor would I. The feedback of the forum is appreciated but no need to hammer it home lol I was going to be over miles prior to COVID so I should be ok now.

So anyway - point taken; and I appreciate the helpful guidance offered by some of the posts here…

You missed my point. The issue with this deal isn’t not having Costco. It’s that the discount is poor as a big starter.

Agreed. But I realize it is them rolling in the payments for upcoming months. I thought a 12 month pull ahead was nuts and it makes sense now that I dug into it. So the discount I was seeing from other dealers on new (no early pull ahead) leases was quite a bit more - like $7-9k.

So I will wait it out -

Where I live, GA, I have come across dealership deals starting from ~$470 for an XC90 T6 Mom, no advance package etc though with a $2,995 downpayment. And they cover the first two months on top.

I also wanted to work with a broker to see if I can get a similar/better deal but for a more “loaded” version but they were rather not responsive even though I was very clear about what I’m after etc.

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