Volvo XC90 Deal Check


Hi All,

About to pull the trigger on an XC90 loaner. Pls let me know if there is any more juice to squeeze or if I am missing something.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 XC90 T6 Momentum
MSRP: $63k
Monthly Payment: $495.86 + Tax
Drive-Off Amount: $1500 + MSDs
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: 0.00113
Residual: 62%
Incentives: $7000 (They call it working cash?)
Region: Ca

Looks good without all the details. What is the sales price before incentives? Ask what’s included in the $7K and/or check your local incentives on Volvo site.

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Thx Bear. Reading these worksheets are like reading tea leaves to me! Cash price is 52.5k and adjusted cap cost is 53,222.

You’re at about 17.5% pre-incentive discount, which depending on loaner mileage and if that is buy rate MF, is a solid discount. Falls into the good, but not OMG amazing category and first glance.

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Got it, thanks. Been going back and forth for a while, target was 450pm but seems he’s not gonna move much more. Any suggestions or tips to get closer to the OMG category?

How did you get to that $450 ppm number?

Just wishful thinking on my part!

It is still very good at almost 17%. Not sure how @mllcb42 got 17.5% :slight_smile:
Look at the similar deal from @Bostoncarconcierge

Because I math good.

Or because I saw 83.3333% and thought 17.7%, rather than 16.7%. Too many Pina coladas by the beach

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Fixed. [10101010]

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Do the LH Gurus suggest I hold out or just pull the trigger now?

I think i am just spoiled from my 300pm S90 from a couple years back and anything I do now won’t be nearly as good comparatively speaking.

You are spoiled, get real :slight_smile:
BTW: does your sales price include $500 loyalty? If yes then your discount is lower.

I know. I even tried to extend current lease, max they would give was 90 days. Couldn’t get mileage or breakdown of discount over the phone. Suiting up and going to arm wrestle (from 6 feet away of course). Wish me luck!

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There is $2k Volvo allowance + $500 loyalty and they are included in your sales price. With the numbers you provided based on $53,222 adj cap cost I’m at around $480/mo. What is $722 added to cap cost? Get the numbers from them.

Will do. Thanks again for the help and guidance!

I’m sure there’s more meat on the bone :joy:.

Just kidding. Great discount, try to get that pre-incentives and add up everything.

OP, I think you can do better. Use discount code CORONA.

Honestly, a buyer is in the driver’s seat now. Don’t hesitate to make the numbers work in your favor.

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Sitting here at dealership, had an appointment with the salesman and have been pawned off on assistant for last hour. Ready to walk, only problem is lease and registration up today and have no clue if will be able to even leave house get a car next week…

BTW mileage is 2500 and still waiting on breakdown of incentives

Oh, and since it’s a loaner, car is not here and currently ‘on loan’

Since I have alot of spare time and I’m not interesting enough to do an AMA. I will ask you guys, if registration lapses and I don’t get a car can I return with expired registration next week?