Volvo XC90 and 9 month Lease Pull Ahead - Seattle

I currently have a V60 CC with 9 months remaining till lease end. I would like to take advantage of the VCFS lease pull ahead for 9 months. As a manufacturer lease pull ahead does that mean the negative equity in my current lease is rolled into the new lease?

I currently pay $600 monthly for my V60 ( first lease).

Would like to get into a XC90 for $660 monthly.

XC90 T6 AWD Momentum (Momentum Plus Package, conveniance package, Metallic Paint, heated steering wheel, child booster)
39 mo/12 miles
MSRP: $60,790
incentives: $2500
Discount: $4,244
Sales price of $54,046.00
Sales tax: 10.6% Seattle Washington rate
Doc fee: $150
Registration: $800

Monthly payment: $782 with $1500 cash due

I know the number is high. This is the first quote over email. Through negotiations dealer has asked me for a valid reason to lower the sales price and asked if I factored in my trade in (current lease).

Appreciate any help. Thanks.

Are you sure it’s a manufacturer pull-ahead offer? Never heard of an official captive 9 month pull-ahead offer before. If so, there shouldn’t be any negative equity to roll over.

The pull-ahead is 6 months

@nyclife that’s what I thought when I got a post card from VCFS in December. Does the 6 month pull have an expiration date?

Sounds like the sales manager I’m working with is giving me a dealer pull ahead and not a VCFS one.

If it is from the dealer than don’t do it. Needs to be official

Expiration is when you lease ends, obviously. It can be from 6 to 1 month pull ahead. The dealer most likely rolls in your 3 payments, unless he buys your car at payoff (then you should not have any negative equity in your new lease).

Thanks for the feedback. Sales manager has not replied back after I asked about the lease pull ahead. I will have to wait until April to be eligilble for the 6 month pull ahead. Hopefully incentives are better.

And, actually, I don’t think your qualify for Volvo pull ahead at all, since you are outside of the 6 months to be eligible.

Is there an official Volvo pull ahead program right now for the XC90? If so, what’s the amount for Southern California, and is nationwide or regional?

Read about pull-ahead. There are different types, including for current Volvo lessees and “conquest” pull-ahead (was available on S90 only last year). Also - directly from Volvo or from a dealer…

There are two types of pull-ahead programs: those that come from the people who made your car and those that come from the people who sold it to you.
Advertisements from the carmaker will usually have well-defined benefits. Some will offer to waive your last few car payments if you get into a new car now. Other offers may forgive excess miles or waive disposition or damage charges on top of giving you a sweet deal on your next new car.

When you get a pull-ahead offer from a carmaker, you know what to expect.

Pull-ahead programs from dealerships are a little harder to decipher. Offers with phrases like “payments as low as” or “little or no money out of pocket” make it hard to determine what exactly they’re offering other than the prospect of a good deal on a new car.

Volvo is pretty transparent about their incentives and offers. Browse the Volvo web site and put in your zip code when possible.

If you’re asking about a conquest pull-ahead on the XC90, then no. This forum would be exploding if there were.

FYI, there was a conquest pull ahead for the S90 last month, and none of that information was disclosed on Volvo’s website. Autobytel is also a good starting point:

If it wasn’t “disclosed” on Volvo site then there wasn’t conquest pull-ahead. Also, Autobytel can be off sometimes.

I don’t know if it’s from VCFS but the 9 month pull-ahead went fine for me. I guess it started in December. I took advantage and got my 2018 XC60 and turned in the V60.

I have a hard time believing this was a dealer-sponsored program in my case. My V60 was worth probably $18-20k in trade and my lease buyout was $31k at 9 months early. Considering the discount on the replacement XC60, they didn’t roll any negative equity into my new lease.

Keep in mind they do not honor owner loyalty if you do a pull ahead which could be significant when loyalty was $5500 on some models! (Not sure if the owner loyalty thing is a dealer thing or a VCFS thing.)

My final invoice from VCFS shows the remaining payments credited (about $4100.) No excess wear and tear for dinged wheels and questionable tires on the front, and they waived any of the disposition / sales fees. (Wipes Hands) All done… (with a small credit!) :slight_smile:

Just to clarify for others: it’s Volvo-to-Volvo pull-ahead, not conquest pull-ahead that Volvo had on S90. I think my dealer told me that a few months over 6 could still work through Volvo, like in your case.

That’s interesting, but loyalty comes from Volvo and not from dealer. Dealer can double it, however. My dealer did it last year.

Just saw this scrolling on my local Volvo dealer’s website - it references an official 9 month Volvo to Volvo pull ahead from VCFS.

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Here you go, good find. Now it’s officially 9 months.

Update still have not heard from the sales manager I have been emailing.

Another question is the eligibility for the 9 month pull ahead based on calendar date or number of remaining payments?

The fine print reads that they will make “up to 9 payments”, so I think one could interpret that as almost 10 months until lease turn in since you pay ahead of time. The question is, do you have to turn it in or will they cut you a check if you want to have multiple Volvos (I would think they would make you turn it in).

If it is like the S90 conquest pull ahead from last month, they’ll cut you a check.