Volvo XC40 or BMW X3

Trying to help my mom with a new lease, as the one on her BMW X1 is up in June. I haven’t looked at leases for a couple of years…and wow, have things changed! So reality check, if someone is willing to help here.

Volvo dealer is saying no incentives. Willing to offer $3500 off an MSRP of $40,915, which is about 8.5%. MF is .00093, RV is 58%.

With BMW, she would have loyalty (?) and $1250 lease cash. MF is also .00093, RV 56%. Could do 7 MSDs. I haven’t tried to get price from a dealer yet. In the past, I know I’d look for around 12% off an MSRP of $46,770. Is that still realistic in this market?

Neither of these options is screaming “great deal” to me. So any suggestions y’all could make would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Those 2 vehicles aren’t really comparable. The X3 is substantially bigger than the XC40.

Either way, have you contacted one of the brokers on here? Seems like you should be able to get 10% + buy rate MF on both of those.

Is that consistent with what you found when you verified rv/mf/incentives before reaching out to any dealers?

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LH calculator now allows you to check MF/RV/Incentives. Try it, but I suspect that the dealer included Volvo incentives in the $3,500 discount.

Yeah, I realize they aren’t comparable. The X1 she has now is more like the XC40…but the X1 is long in the tooth and doesn’t have some basic safety features that I’d like her to have. The 2022s aren’t going to be out for a while, so that’s why I was looking at the X3 instead.

I texted @BMW_Dave, and he is going to get back to me in a couple of days when he’s back in the office.

I will check the LH calculator – thanks for that tip! If anyone has any other ideas, please let me know. Thanks!

I know I’ll regret asking this … what “basic safety features” does the X1 not offer?

FYI, look around but I have found the XC60 often seems to lease cheaper than the XC40. Unless you go real low to the 40 T4.

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Fair warning, you cannot argue logic with people over the “peace of mind” that comes with “safety features” that statistically bring no meaningful increase in actual personal safety over the course of a 2-3 year lease.


Isn’t the X1 the one that slid down the hill when Jezza from Top Gear UK (at the time) tried getting it up the hill? The X1 isn’t shite compared to an XC40 and the safety features.

One safety feature I didn’t know mine had - alert / falling asleep warnings. Dozy ride home with Pilot Assist on (autopilot w/o the bad name) and it told me I was less than alert, shook the steering wheel and popped coffee shops on the screen.

I just got rid of my white XC40, leaving us down to (2) XC40’s (red and blue)

They are wonderful vehicles, and had the used car market not been historically upended now, I would’ve driven that into the ground.

Check the numbers with @aronchi - he makes Volvo miracles happen in the tri-state and can sanity check the numbers you’ve gotten.

I would get the Volvo if at all possible. Never have liked a car so much I got 2 more of them within the span of a year.


I don’t necessarily want to argue. lol. I’m just kinda curious what people think are basic safety features these days. I mean, to me, basic safety is ABS, TCS, seatbelts, and airbags. Maybe a backup camera. And I’m REALLY stretching my definition of “basic” when I list those. Maybe OP just misused the word basic. I could go with that and sleep at night. hahaha.

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“Argue” may not have been the best word choice, but be prepared for the response to include some variation of, “DO YOU WANT MY CHILDREN TO DIE???”

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That’s an enable unsafe driving habits feature…

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In my eyes, basic safety is AEB, ABS, TCS, and backup camera. Parking sensors are nice. Definitely love AEB, has helped many times with deer.


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I thought that was the AutoPilot feature.

I used it on the highway for a trip back from MA, and didn’t even notice myself. It shook the steering wheel, disabled Pilot Assist and told my ass to get coffee.

Legit to me. Pilot Assist was $200 and isn’t called AutoPilot with Full Self Driving capability. Two people got killed in FL when their Telsa with FSD crashed with no one in the drivers seat

I can’t pretend that Volvo’s Pilot Assist is anything but brilliant when it was $200 or something, and is vigilant about the steering wheel.

People will always be idiots and pop on a cheat device, so YMMV.

Just throwing it in there that I loved the XC40 safety + features so much I ended up getting 3.

I got used to the BLIS (blind spot information system) - basic now, a little dot or warning on your side mirror if your signal’s on and someones in the blind spot.

Another one I think is great is the cross-traffic alert. While backing up in parking lots, you can have your eyes on things, even a 360 camera view but someone’s always gonna zoom by.

When I started the XC40 it did a check of like 8 safety systems, which is the reason I got it - to drive my niece around, but those two are pretty awesome.

Agree w/ others who have suggested you look at recent deals here for those cars (incl brokers’ postings).

Is your mom okay w/ a car as big as an X3? My parents like their GLC overall, but they both think it’s too big for them (they’re in their mid-70s).

AEB scares the hell out of me. I had a CTS that had the warning where it would detect something, flash a light on the dash, and vibrate the seat. If I had gone the next trim up, it would have had the AEB. There were so many times the light would flash and my seat would vibrate and there was NOTHING in front of me. I was never so glad to have a lower-trim vehicle!

I’m familiar with AEBN, but what’s AEB?

Auto emergency braking :wink:


That sounds a lot less entertaining.

Thanks for all of the lively discussion :slight_smile: I am sorry if I used the wrong terminology. I’m just a gal trying to help her 83 year old mom, so I apologize if I am out of my league here in car guru land.

I want her to have blind spot monitoring. I don’t feel like that’s asking for too much in 2021.

My previous vehicle was an X3, and I currently drive an XC60. I have a hunch that the X3 will be bigger than what she will want to drive. And while we could extend her current lease and wait for the 2022 X1, there are no guarantees that blind spot monitoring will be added.

She has driven BMWs for decades. It’s not easy to get her to switch. If you have any suggestions, I’m all ears. Maybe the Audi Q3?