Volvo XC40 lease deal?


Help! Can y’all tell if this is a good deal? Brand new user and new leaser!

The XC40 leases horribly right now. You could get a XC60 for a good bit cheaper and probably a 90 for the same price.


Over $600 a month for a XC40?

You should look at some of the brokers in the Marketplace section. You can get a XC90 for cheaper…

No. The XC60 will be cheaper.

XC40 leases horribly. Don’t waste your time.

You should consider XC40 subscription for that price. You get 15k miles, insurance and everything else included.

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It’s $700 for that. This would be sub-$600 with everything, or am I missing something?

You’re basically at $600 a month currently by the time you factor in your money down. Throw in $100+ a month for insurance and you’re on par with the subscription, but at lower miles and on a 3 year lease.

Thanks y’all for pointing this out. Working on an XC60 now.

For the record… i love my xc60… hands down the best car i’ve ever owned (or leased)

@Bostoncarconcierge just updated the link above with two XC40s if that’s what your heart was set on getting.