Volvo will phase-out all Leather by 2030

Just because they’re not beta testing on the public before the technology is ready doesn’t mean they aren’t working on it.

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the next xc90 will have LIDAR based autopilot. it’s going to be better than tesla.


also i’m no volvo fanboy. yes, i sell a lot of them, but i wouldn’t personally have one. i sure as hell would put my family in one because their SUVs actually feel well-built and safe. i drive like an asshole, so it’s not for me. that said, the company’s tech is top-notch.


Didn’t say “safest” phew!

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Seriously? Look at the total number sold. It’s easy to have percent increases when a single unit can throw off your entire math.

The chinese funding seems to be iffy since they want to break the F away form it.

The only company that “will have” promises work for is Tesla. And Volvo can put out a tech much better than Tesla, and no one is going to give a shit. It’s a niche company with all the wrong appeal.

And you can stop right there. You sound like a broken record at this point. Volvo is the best, Acura is the best and yet you don’t want to drive either. I bet if you sold Buicks they would be the best.

Lmao if you expect Tesla to keep to their promises give me the good stuff you on. Tesla can’t keep promises for shit. What happen to the cyber truck he’s been talking for years about now
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The numbers are what you should look at. Sales have gone up every month for several years, including during the pandemic. Volvo is absolutely not a niche company. It has a very good place in the luxury car segment.

PS - what I drive isn’t really relevant to what I sell. I am a car enthusiast and am very picky with what I drive. @ethanrs sells chevys and drives 911s lol.

Point is, every single thing that Volvo has brought to market over the past decade has done extremely well. The company will go public in a few months. It has extremely strong momentum behind it.

Also tesla is pure trash. Source: I own 2.


Not a fan of the Yoke I’m guessing?

That’s your plaid on IG?

Yes it’s one of them

No. It’s fine. Build quality, audio, materials, seats, just complete garbage.

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The cars lack physical beauty. Your paying 100,000 for a battery and screens. Build quality can be alright but it’s boring inside out besides the nice speed

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Correct. Ipad on 4 wheels. Trash.

Trying not to derail this any further but I do have to agree. I don’t totally dislike them but I don’t really feel anything when I look at one.

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I start with 1 car, then go to 2, then to 3. Yeah GAINZ on a montly basis. All of Volvo sales combined are not even a competition to single models of competitors.

Wasn’t defending Tesla. What I was saying is that they are the only ones who can promise random unobtainable BS and people will buy it. Also when I consider something trash, and I absolutely consider Tesla trash, I don’t buy one let alone 2.

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You missed his point. He did say this “The company will go public in a few months. It has extremely strong momentum behind it.” Meaning it will or has started to compete

I consider the Mazda cx9 trash.

I leased one.

Why? Because my experience gained from living with the vehicle for a while, particularly after the honeymoon period, is why I consider it trash.

Don’t assume the cart came before the horse.

All apparent before purchase of one, really don’t need two to come to this conclusion.

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He’s a car enthusiast…

Won’t this drop the price of leather, cows are going to be killed regardless for Big Macs etc, less demand for leather, prices drop and the likes of Kia and other plep mobiles offer leather.