Volvo will phase-out all Leather by 2030


If you want genuine moo-cow leather, get it while you can.

Interesting I was under the impression this was all faux leather anyways

IMO, I think their tailored wool blend seats look stunning.


Momentum is faux. I deliberately sought it out because I get in my car sweaty from running. Leather held up OK until the end of my lease then it started to get ratty.

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Surprising to read about ethical treatment of animals from a Chinese owned company. But Volvo been talking about “no leather” for a year or two.


But you can upgrade to genuine (for the cost of 1.5 actual moo-cows)


Geely still wants to spin-out Volvo and IPO on Nasdaq Sweden. This also seems to align to the recent regulation in China, redundant or not. The next year is looking to be interesting.

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Hopefully the leatherette will improve. I have yet to see a good version that is I would actually substitute for leather. People say they like Tesla fake leather, but I wasn’t impressed.

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MBtex used to be amazing. Looked great and lasted for eternity.

IDK why MB changed it. Now it looks awful and doesn’t last for sh…

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Do they charge you money for that? I think that’s normal wear and tear. Don’t want to be charged for that

I posted a link to an article before that claims that it is Volvo who wants out :slightly_smiling_face:

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The synthetic leather on the Lexus UX I had earlier this year was phenomenal, best I’ve seen/felt.

Lexus leather pretty good . RDX leather is equally good

Dealer just bought and resold the car. Significantly under mileage.

The title should be “Volvo can’t figure out why they matter in the market, go full on bleeding heart”. From their stupid commercials with the glaciers falling apart, to this it’s annoying as F.

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Now this is what I like to see, Supply Chain issues and cost cutting that can be papered over with an ethical angle! Not for nothing, has anyone seen the cost of beef nowadays? I’d expect other manufacturers to follow suit soon, pretty soon you’re going to see 2000’s Mercs and Bimmers with leather putting up vintage Bronco prices at Barrett Jackson and Bring a Trailer. That said, the Toyota Century is appointed with wool seats and that thing is really cool.


On another note regarding leather: The chief advantage to leather aside from comfort appears to be durability. I wonder how much of the durability advantage has been chipped away with the rise of things like perforated and ventilated seats?

data doesn’t seem to agree with your opinion. only luxury brand that has increased sales every single month during the pandemic vs pre-pandemic. volvo is the horse to hitch your wagon to in the future. it has an unlimited war chest due to chinese funding and has repositioned itself to compete ably with the germans, while offering a better value proposition than the japanese at a similar cost.


Most Volvos can actaully complete with the German cars. The xc90 is a better flagship SUV than some Germans :man_shrugging:


Im actually not sure this is really a result of the current supply chain issues. They’ve been pushing towards this for years. Cost cutting disguised as virtual signaling is still on the table though.


If car companies have the the money and the tech to take the next step why don’t they? Volvo has autopilot and they have money to develop it further. What’s stopping them?