Volvo V60 loaner pre-incentive discount

Hi, I’m looking to take advantage of recent the Volvo incentives. The only local dealer got back to me with a 4000mi loaner V60 51k msrp for 13% off msrp. He also had some dealer installed options I’m going to need to have removed, but what would be a reasonable pre-incentive discount off msrp? I feel a couple thousand additional off (~17%) would make it a good deal, and getting to 20% would make it a great deal.

edit: I should add dealer quoted 55/54% for residual on 7500/10000, but from the lease calculator it looks like 54.5/53.5% so maybe the dealer rounded?

16-17% on a loaner is good. There are no “dealer installed” options on Volvo, it is not Honda. Whatever they have there should be removed. RV $$ amount is adjusted for mileage penalty, so it is lower than the actual.


17% is good for a loaner.

Post-incentive information: If you have Costco, make sure to use it! Also, check to see Bonus Cash on Volvo’s website.

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Maybe “dealer installed option” was the wrong word, it’s a $1000 lojack which I have no interest in.

Make sure the percent off they’re talking is before incentives, not after.

Low jack is so 20th century. Tell them that and remove it.

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I think he understands this

They did give me a different ‘selling price’, but I calculated the actual before incentives and had the dealer confirm it.

Agreed, and even if I wanted it (I don’t) my insurance should pay for it because I’m already paying them to assume the risk of theft.

I have dealer cash and Costco already, I looked for bonus cash but didn’t see anything. I don’t have Volvo loyalty, is there anything else?

Thanks, that is new knowledge to me even though I’ve been reading this site for a few months.

Hi all, I’m not tied to the V60 if there’s another Volvo which has better residuals, though the SUVs get less Costco cash.

It usually is slightly adjusted, but having a higher discount can more than make up for it. @Ursus correct me if I am wrong, but the tipping point seems to be at the 6,000 mile mark.

The RV of the V60 is very close to S60. The XC90 has higher residuals (check Edmunds), so see what kind of discount you can get (search for forum).

Depends on discounts and incentives for both new and loaner.
The difference between 6k and 8k loaners is only $400, for example

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OK, found a couple 2019 V60 loaners as well, are these still eligible to lease? I may run out of warranty on a 36mo before the lease ends. If eligble, what type of pre-incentive discount should I expect?

I really appreciate everyone’s assistance on my first ever lease.

Exactly, Volvo app has gps location already.

Wagons have conquest rebates. Check this out.

Can conquest stack with first responder and Costco?

Not loyalty. S60 has conquest on luxury Japanese, Lexus, Acura, and Infiniti iirc.

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There is no lease support on 19. Where are you located?

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