Volvo T6 V60 R-Design Advice

Hey there! New to the forums, and I’ve never leased before, but I’ve been researching like crazy.

I’m hoping to get some advice on how to proceed with this deal.

I’m looking at a 2019 Volvo T6 V60 R-Design, and found one that’s pretty close to what I want. I’d really like a wagon, and know that means what I’m looking for is a bit rare, and if I can’t find the right car at the right price now, I may just wait. But I will buy (Lease) if I find the right price.

I’m in NorCal, and the dealer is in SoCal. No big deal to travel to make this work.
Unfortunately I did not have a Costco membership in time for the current deal… I have a membership now…

Still early in the process, and I don’t have all the lease details yet, but here is what I have so far.

I want a 10K/36M lease.

MSRP $58,905
Selling Price: $57,000
MF: .0010200
Residual: 62%

Edmunds TMV is $56,157.

Dealer quoted $1,550 drive off and $753.36/month.

Here is my calculator link:

Obviously not the best deal ever…

The final bit of info. The time to order new 2019s has expired, dealers are only able to make 2020 orders now. The 2020 V60 only comes in T5, or Polestar (T8). I don’t really want either of those.

Dealer has told me they know not many of these cars are out there…

But this particularly car has been sitting on this dealers lot for 89 days, so I suspect they will start getting increasingly motivated to move it.

Any thoughts on good ways to proceed with this?

I realize this is not the best lease hack, given my specific interest in a kind of rare model and trim… Just trying to see what I can do, or if I’m missing something obvious.

Thanks for any help!

I don’t think they’re motivated to move these yet


Not even close to motivated. I also don’t think it’s been on the dealer’s lot that long, though I could be wrong. I’ve really only seen them pop up on dealer’s sites in the last month, and ones delivered to customers before that were ones they ordered.

You’re also looking at a very high MSRP V60. I know that when I built one out, it was almost exactly the same as my S60, with the same options. I knew I’d have to wait until my next car in a few years for the hype to wear off.


I am in a similar boat. Been following the V60 re-design for two years and tried/failed to order one this spring in that narrow window when you could before orders closed. I was looking to ship in the 1 V60 in the entire US similar to what I would order from Virginia to Southern California. A comparably equipped XC60 with a slightly higher MSRP will lease for $200 a month less. Then I had to ship it across the country so I opted to wait.

The Cosco pricing really doesn’t help you here. As other said the dealers are not in any rush to move these since they are just landing. If you want to lease one you’re going to pay through the nose.

Costco actually helps a tiny bit. You would get more than $1,900 off, and there is an extra $1,000 for the V60 through Costco.

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Hmm, I ran a Carfax on it and it says they took delivery March 7th. Also matches up with the date on CarGurus. So unless I’m missing something about that, I do think they’ve had it that long.

But you’re right, I am seeing a number of them newly showing up on my saved CarGurus search.

They’re barely paying interest on their floorplan at 90 days. They likely have other x90 models on the lot that have had a birthday (or two, possibly a car or two that needs to be signed up for Kindergarten if not sold soon).

It’s a brand new model with incredibly limited availability. By all means, give it a shot. Negotiate the price before incentives first, get the residual and MF from Edmunds, run it through the Lease Calculator and see what you get. Keep us posted, curious if you can get a payment that starts with a 6 instead of a 7.

Yep, I did also spot check their other inventory to see how old some of their cars are. I was able to find one or two XC’s that were in the high 200 days on the lot. They have some 10K off the top deals, but those are all on 2018 demos.

And already got the residual and MF from Edmunds, it’s exactly what the dealer quoted me, which seems good. Yeah, I’m also wondering about that starting with a 6 instead of a 7.

Will keep you posted. Thanks for the help.

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Following up. I ended up doing this deal. I went in well educated which helped a lot.

The dealer knew they had a hard to get car with few others anywhere, but I knew exactly where the others were and made sure they knew that.

I was also willing to walk away from it if I didn’t feel good enough about the deal.

I did actually leave the dealer for a few hours to both to think about it myself and see if they were hungry enough to call me to offer a better price. They didn’t call, and I ended up going back after thinking it all over.

Unfortunately, since I’d traveled to the dealer (I had to get on a plane), there wasn’t a lot of future car sales or service business they could bank on from me, so I knew it was gonna be mostly about this transaction.

We ended up agreeing to a purchase price of $55,599.00, with an $1800 drive off and a $698.78 monthly payment.

The drive off did include a $295.84 capitalized cost reduction, which was part of the compromise we needed to make.

They still made some money on this deal, and I got closer to the price I was looking for.

Plus the car has been fantastic so far!

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Nice work! Pictures?

My local dealer and I hit our collective bottoms today on the v60 today and are sleeping on it. Love the car but not (in my case) $665/mo with tax plus balance of drive-off ($240) probably isn’t worth it to me. I have a more expensive XC60 at another dealer on same terms (36m/15k) at $550/mo $0 DAS.

It’s a beautiful car.

The heart wants what the heart wants. XF S Sportbrake would have been a better deal, but it’s not for everyone.


The V60 is special-order only in the US, so they know the people buying REALLY want one and are wiling to pay.

Yeah, I’ve heard that too.

Though I have been seeing a number of them show up on lots around the US. I’ve had a nationwide search going. The particular dealer I bought this from had this V60, a V60 Inscription, and a V90 Inscription on their lot. Possibly others.

The sales manager told me he’d sold 6 V60s this year. (Interestingly he said he’d sold zero S60s…)

So I wonder why I’m seeing a sprinkling of them showing up on lots here and there?

Dealers have them. That’s half true

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Dealer sold zero S60? That’s seems very strange.

I still haven’t seen a new s60 in person yet. So I’m really curious how their sale numbers are. Dozens of xc’s of course

I have seen a few S60s in the wild but I thought they were selling well or maybe LH hype has me confused.

Look here:

The last week of May, there were less than a dozen v60s in inventory across US dealers, but now there are low-low hundreds. I have first hand reports from severals dealers that even though Volvo said it was special order only, some dealers ordered for their inventory between March and April (I have copies of dealer order slips for several v60s in stock at one dealer).

My best deduction from everything I’ve read and what is happening: Everything Volvo has said publicly about the V60 was true from December 2018 until March 31, 2019 and since then all the rules have changed. It was a special order car for about two weeks until they closed all ordering for the 2019 model year and then re-opened it 6-8 weeks later. I don’t know if dealers will get allocations of these like they do other models, but it appears that dealers can order them for inventory if they choose.

Yep-Dealers can most definitely order them for their inventory.

If anyone is particularly interested, I can confirm tomorrow if they have from the start. I’m confident they could.

Overall, my take is its still too new in Volvo’s eyes to cut big deals. I don’t know for a fact but doubt any exist in the loaner/demo fleets.

Also, I respectfully disagree with you about less than a dozen in the country just 3 weeks ago. Based on a quick CarGurus search, I believe that’s inaccurate.