Volvo S60 2018 outgoing model opinions?

Hi All,

Volvo is at the top of my list for our next lease and while my wife loves the SUVs (any model but xc60 seems to be “just right”)that said I"m thinking there may be some extra nice deals on the outgoing s60 which she also likes.

I know there are some folks here who have that model and may be able to speak to how they like it, but given the new 2019 with the awesome Thors Hammer headlights and in my opinion best in class interior and infotainment, figure there might be some really good deals on a still nice car that may (or may not lease well) at the right price.

P.S. Not essential but we were hoping for Apple Car Play, decent sound system and if at all possible adaptive cruise control if it is even available in pre-2019 models.

Good car, but RVs are in the 40’s. MF is low - 0.00022 and there is a good amount of incentives. To get ACC you need Platinum, I think.

275 a month I like, 3495 at signing, not so much.

Are you blind? It’s only $3,455 LOL
Besides, it is not the true DAS. Plus tax, title, dealer fees, etc.

Ha. Yeah, the down on this “deal” is not great, and the RV & MF are bad. @Ursus what do you think of the car at say a target of around $300-325/mo?

I would not get this car for anything over 300 for sure. …
It drives well, it is well made but not over 300…

Put in perspective - is $300-325/mo all in a good deal on a very good $42-45K car? You bet it is, just don’t listen to @vhooloo. Do you want to drive the old design S60 when the new one is coming out? Up to you.

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The new design is just soo good, I would pay more for it.

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Put it in a different perspective : is an old 5 year design with a 10 yer old infotainment system compact sedan worth 40-45k? You bet it isn’t. Don’t listen to the bear … at best, this piece of metal [a 2018 S60] will only move if the dealer discounts at 20% or more …

People snap anything Infinity, which can’t hold a candle to Volvo, for the same monthly payments :smirk:
P.S. are you sure that Inscription is a “compact” sedan?


That’s the Volvo advertised lease on the S60 T5 FWD Inscription with just heated front seats/steering wheel and metallic paint, MSRP $39,280 for 36/10, RV 48%. You can definitely do better. No CarPlay available there, but adaptive cruise is in the Technology pkg or included with Platinum trim. The Platinum trim is worthwhile for $4,200 MSRP- it includes Harman Kardon, xenons, sport seats, walnut trim, Convenience pkg, Technology pkg, and auto dimming mirrors. And the RV is 1% higher- same MF. You can “build and price” them here:

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For perspective, I got my 2016 S60 T5 e-premier trim, which retailed for $41K (sport chassis w/ paddle shifters, 19 in. wheels, beechwood leather, metallic paint, BLIS and NAV) for $900 DAS and $364 tax included monthly in SFL. I love the car, but definitely overpaid for it and wish I had known about this site back then (knew nothing of RV, MF etc). It was a loaner with about 4K miles on the odometer.

Since this is an outgoing model, I’m sure there will be more discounts that can be had. The dealer/national ad should be considered a starting point for negotiations and not an ending point. Do you qualify for any incentives like conquest, A-Plan through employer or Costco? I believe you can stack those on in addition to Volvo lease cash and dealer discounts. Have you looked at loaners?

Searching through this forum, current generation S60s have been pretty hack-able, so I definitely think you have room to go lower.

He can easily beat a-plan price + a-plan cash on S60 with a hefty dealer discount. A-plan only makes sense on S90/V90 where there is $3,000 a-plan cash, and only if you can’t get 11%+ discount. Or if Volvo goes back to discounts below invoice on a-plan.


There is no A-Plan on S60s, and even if there was, it would almost certainly be an easily undercut $750.

I suspect there is $6,600 worth of incentives on S60 leases nationwide. A dealer should be motivated to discount one 8% or more + the $6,600. Going 10% or more on the discount before incentives is something I only see in the most ruthlessly competitive markets and may be tough based on where you are.

The discount is the discount. They’re not stackable unless one discount gets its money from Volvo- like A-Plan. Costco used to have a program where it used the A-Plan discount. These days Volvo doesn’t give dealers extra money because the customer is using Costco. Conquest is not available on any Volvo now. If it was, it would be stackable, but not on top of loyalty, if applicable. No such thing as an employer discount that’s stackable, outside of A-Plan, which is the employer based program.

A loaner can be viable, based on what the extra discount is. That will vary from dealer to dealer, based on how much loaner cash they got, how much they write down the car per month, and how motivated the dealer is to sell/lease the car.

I don’t see Volvo allowing discounts below A-Plan. Let’s just leave that as my opinion.

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Yes and I got mine for 220 a month with 800 DAS 2016 S60 cross country 47k msrp

I’m sorry, but I’m gonna need to see your lease contract, sir!

Holy shit- that’s an amazing deal for an S60CC. I always liked that car- sort of a punk S60 AWD Outback. Absolutely sale proof in northern CA, probably because of the two-tone leather, which isn’t horrible. For $220, I’d lease two!

Nice hack job…


Serach under my name. You will see contract posted

I was just kidding, but I wouldn’t mind seeing it.

Haha, I love the banter between you and @Ursus and more importantly two opposing but informed perspectives. I’m finding it very valuable.

There doesn’t seem to be a ton of inventory in Cali (I’m on the central coast between LA & SF) and I’m only really interested in platinum and CC given it is essentially loaded.

Agreed, but not sure where to target a new model not yet available price point. That said, based on the announcement video it’s my favorite in the segment vs. BMW and Audi and everything else. I like the Guila a lot but my wife hates it, so…