Volvo loyalty stacking with Costco and First Responder

This sounds silly but my wife really likes my new Volvo V60, now that we have a freshly leased Volvo, would the Loyalty stack with First Responder and Costco on a lease?

Only does in some markets. Ca isn’t one of them as far as I know

Loyalty stacks with everything, but like @mllcb42 said - not all three, expect in mid-west

OK thanks everyone.

Since Costco and FR incentives are ending soon, wanted to check one more time. Being eligible for FR, loyalty, Costco, I think I’d jump on the cheapest Volvo I could get if I could get around $10k for total lease cost on 36/7.5. Does this seem possible? I’ve been looking through the incentives, MF, RVs and it doesn’t seem like I can get there unless I get very lucky with a pre-incentive discount.

I bet a loaner V60CC would get you there easily

I just stacked all three in Colorado.

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I read somewhere on here all three only stack in the Midwest? Would Colorado be Volvo midwest or west?

edit: LOL, I read in this very thread from @Ursus :laughing:

I guess we are considered Midwest, stacked all three at a Denver Dealership, wife picked up the car today.

Any reason for the V60CC to be cheaper over the standard V60? They seem to have similar incentives. This time around I’d prefer AWD so the CC would be preferred.

Volvo allowance/lease cash tends to be better on cc

Yeah, $3500 vs $2750 in my zip (California). MF is lower as well, but doesn’t really matter since both can get to near zero with MSDs. RV looks to be the same.

I had a California dealer just tell me all three stack but I won’t believe it until I see an official offer.

FYI for anyone considering a Volvo before end of June. I received quotes from multiple dealers who let me stack FR, loyalty, and Costco from dealers in California. I’m not sure if they fully stack, but for a V60 I was seeing $4250 in rebates + $2750 in dealer cash ($3500 V60cc).

I’m not however getting many bites on aggressive loaner deals so I may not bite this month. Any money saved will be lost by not driving much until coronavirus WFH ends. If anyone in Norcal wants some tips on the offers I was getting PM me. I was seeing 9% off pre-incentive on new V60cc’s.

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