Volvo Leases in San Diego?!

It has been next to imposable to get a Volvo dealer to provide me quotes. I live in San Diego and have contacted 3 dealers multiple times. I only got 2 quotes, both are insane…
I’ve been trying to get an XC40, XC60 T8, XC90 T8, and S60 lease quotes.

If there is a Volvo dealer out there interested in doing business please contact me.

I asked Volvo of San Diego for a quote 3, yes 3 separate times on an XC90 T8 and still have not heard anything…:roll_eyes:

They did give me a quote back for an XC60 T8…:rofl:
MSRP 70,900
Sales price 63400
Fed Tax rebate: 5,002
859 per month!

They did not provide me MF of RV %. But gave me the RV$ of 37,577 which means it would be 53%

Volvo Carlsbad gave me a quote on virtually the same XC60 T8

MSRP $71,745
Sales Price: 65,303
Federal rebate: 5,002
“non tax Fees”? 1,747
:rofl::rofl:880 Per month:rofl::rofl:

Again they did not provide me the MF or RV.

I’m well convinced at this point Volvo in the San Diego area has no intent on selling cars. I cant see who in their right mind would pay 880 for an XC 60 when you can get a 7 series for that.

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