Volvo Incentives/Rebates/Programs V60

I’ve been perusing the site for a couple of years now and I am working a deal on a 2020 V60. I am in GA and the dealer is in VA. We qualify for Costco ($2k), Loyalty (SAAB), and the medical/first responder/educator incentives ($2k). From what I’ve read, I can only use two of those three incentives. The dealer is stating that Loyalty is only $500 for leases ($2k for purchases) and that the medical/first responder/educator incentive is no available in GA and/or VA. Edmunds doesn’t show the medical/first responder/educator incentive on their website. In looking into that particular incentive, it looks like individual dealers chose to extend that on their own. In other websites, I read that it is a nationwide incentive. Can anyone please elaborate?

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Look at Volvo’s website. For a V60 CC there is a lot of Volvo Allowance and Lease Bonus this month in some regions.

Correct - the loyalty is $500 for lease in the South (VA, GA, etc.). First responder is also $500 for lease. There is Volvo allowance of $4,250 on V60 and $5,750 on V60CC

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Just saying it is NOT $2k on a lease and it IS available, affinity or not. We don’t know anything about his deal, maybe it is on a-plan.

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So would the allowance, costco & affiliate (PenFed) all stack?

PenFed will not, I believe. But Costco and FR did stack in mid-West, last month at least

When speaking about these deals its super important to confirm V60 v V60CC. The programs, not rebates, are considerably different.


Thanks for that additional info.

This particular deal is for the V60. The same dealer has a V60CC as well but the V60 appears to be a better value. Looks like the V60 is good for $2,500 in incentives/programs based on my location. I did not want to leave any extra $$ on the table. This particular dealer is taking about two days to respond to texts, so I am trying to have all the information ready. Thanks for all the answers/help.

No, it is not. Look at my post above - V60CC has $1,500 more in Volvo allowances with the same $2,500 Costco/loyalty

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Sorry, I actually meant that the V60 seems to be a better value in terms off the discount off of the purchase price ($13k off V60 loaner and $10k off of the V60CC loaner) and the monthly payment. Both cars have similar MSRPs. Thanks

Those allowances include the Costco/Loyalty or are those allowances in addition to the Costco/Loyalty? Thanks

Separate from Costco/loyalty


keep us up to date on what you decide and please share your deal. I’m looking at a V60 in GA too

JimmyJames or mJop55, did either of you get a V60? If so, what were your final deal terms?

I’m also in GA about to sign a deal later today. I’ll post once complete.


Yes, but ended up going with Benedetto (Ben the Broker) as his numbers were substantially less. We leased a brand new V60CC w/ $54k MSRP for 3 yrs and 12k miles per year for just under $400/mo. Good luck!

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