Volvo: Important information about your vehicle's Connected Services

…, we are letting you know that AT&T will be shutting down their 3G network in January 2022. As a result, any Volvo vehicle with a 3G modem will lose Connected Services. According to our records, you currently own one or more vehicles that will be affected by this change.

Will anything be affected in 2021?

Your Connected Services will continue to function as normal, but starting January 1, 2021 you will no longer be able to renew your Volvo On Call annual subscription.

What will be impacted when the 3G network shuts down in January 2022?

• Emergency services will be disabled including SOS features, Roadside Assistance, Automatic Collision notification, and more

• Volvo On Call app functions and features will be turned off, including remote start, remote lock/unlock, digital service booking, send to car

• No access to Wi-Fi hotspot

• No access to connected apps in the car

How will I be able to keep my Connected Services beyond 2021?

We will reach out to you in early 2021 via email with more information about how to upgrade your in-car modem(s) to 4G at your local Volvo retailer.

Our Customer Care Team is available to address any additional questions you may have at this time.

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Another reason to lease: avoiding forced tech obsolescence.


Wonder how many vehicles on the road does this impact?

Probably a good amount. I think it’s connected Volvo’s from 2017 and earlier. I doubt many of these cars are paying On Call subs, however.

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If you didn’t learn this lesson when AT&T/Cingular sunset their TDMA network, you will never learn. I went through the same thing for a client who built devices with embedded 2G GSM/GPRS modems when AT&T wanted that frequency back for LTE.

Preach. The XC60 has LTE, which will still be working when I hand the keys back in August of 2022.

Not so good for someone whose 5 year old Volvo won’t be able to call 911 when it crashes (why I was big fan of CarPlay/AndroidAuto when it first rolled out: let the phone dorks worry about making your phone compatible, I just want them to communicate well enough for the collision sensors to dial 911)

Oh, I didn’t even realize it was for my 2016 S60 that I don’t have lol.
My both 2019 S60 and XC90 are good then.

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Should be. As an aside: if nobody is building/advertising 5G in their car, they really should get going on updating their BOM. Not because there is any benefit now, but every car with an LTE modem is going to be obsolete sooner (whole separate discussion about the desert of 5G modems in QC’s lineup and the fact that  bought Intel’s entire 5G modem business for themselves) — the fact that you got a “your 2016 car’s telematics won’t work in 2021” will continue to be the norm, not the exception.