Volvo Financials - Be very careful with excess wear and tear warranty

When you buy an excess wear/tear warranty from volvo, they use a 3rd party company for the insurance and they conveniently forget about it. I returned the car in early august and still fighting with them for the check. They returned my security deposit and subtracted the excess wear/tear amount from it and now giving me all sorts of excuses about sending pictures and the insurance company taking time etc etc. At first they did not even file the claim then when I called, that’s when they tell me oh sorry we forgot about it. Still waiting and calling them every week!


did you actually buy the volvo wear and tear policy or a third party one your dealer sold you? if it’s the latter, vcfs doesn’t really care…


I bought it from the dealer and I thought it was volvo but apparently not. VCFS will not reveal the name of the 3rd party to me so I can call. Today they said their supervisor was calling them and he will call me back which I will be shocked if he does.

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If you bought it from the dealer and it’s a 3rd party, what makes you think Volvo Financial even knows who it is / has responsibility to help you figure it out? It’s on you & your dealer to sort that out.


Because they told me so. They tell me some of their policies are direct while some are through 3rd party and whenever it is 3rd party, they have to file a claim and send it when the check comes.

told me so = no value

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Sounds like they haven’t denied the claim, and realistically it’s only been a couple of months.

How much money are we talking about?

What do you suggest I do? They wont give me the name of the company or any contact number. They simply say you have a 5000 excess wear and tear warranty on file and we have filed a claim and once we receive the check, we will send you

Well first off the title is misleading, you are blaming Volvo Financial when it’s the Volvo Dealer Warranty.

What did the dealer say? They sold you the warranty and therefore are obligated to provide you the contact information.

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I think all of you are missing the point. All my paperwork is vcfs. The wear and tear document that I purchased says vcfs on it. Ofcourse I bought it from dealer during the purchase process. Cant just call vcfs to lease a volvo!!!
Vcfs internally uses a 3rd party company and thats where the delays and problems.

Could you upload a copy of that ‘W&T document?’ You said earlier that you didn’t have a phone number., which a document would have.

OR are you talking about the finance document that says you bought a W&T? (The big long one), that just means that Volvo Finance paid for it, not that they sold it.

When I leased a Fiat, I got the W&T and no documents other than the Finance one, when I went back to the dealer a week later, they handed me a brochure for the W&T which was from a 3rd party and had a phone number.

I called them again today. Now they are telling me there was a problem and they refiled it YESTERDAY. I was on call for 45 mins yesterday and the guy was talking to his supervisor who he says was on call with the insurance company. They would not give me the insurance company number. This is between vcfs and the insurance company and we are not allowed to share the direct number. Now they want me to wait 6 to 8 weeks!

Left me holding the phone for an hour on Nov 8 and then hung up. Today I call and they tell me a claim was filed on Nov 8!!! This is getting ridiculous. The dealer won’t tell me anything since it is directly via vcfs.
I need to go to one of those TV shows help me howard or something like that or take them to small claims court.

More than likely it has an Arbitration clause that you get to pay for.

This last lady told me the claim has been sent to “EWU” but there is no phone number. Her supervisor Ms BrXX is going to do research and call me in 24 hrs because none of the comments make any sense.

Someone called me again and apologized and promised to resolve this by end of month. They resent the claim on 10th. Lets see… I did a BBB complain also.

I had filed a complaint yesterday with BBB amd received a call from vcfs today. They have assured me again that this personal will f/u till I receive the check. Apparently the insurance company “never” received the paperwork. How convenient!
Its interesting to see how quickly they called with BBB complaint. Had never tried this before.

An update: Received a call today that they have received the check and will be sending it over!