Volvo Finance - No Lease Assumption

I’ve been negotiating on an XC90, got to the place I wanted to be…now I have a challenge. I just discovered Volvo Finance doesn’t allow leases to be assumed or swapped. Due to the nature of my job I may have to be posted overseas and thus need to the option to have someone else assume the lease in the event I get moved.

Does anyone know if there is another way for me to do the deal but with a different finance group?

Why take the risk? Lease a BMW X5 instead.

I needed the 7 seats and didn’t love the X5 third row. Need to find an alternative to the Volvo in the next 5 days.

Honda Pilot. Buy or lease (if they allow transfer). At least resale value should be high enough to sell it if you have to break your lease early. Not an XC90 of course, but you get what you need.

For what it’s worth, my experience has been that Honda does not allow lease transfer. (at least not very easily and you retain financial responsibility/risk)

You want good deal, desirable car, easy lease transfer with no hassle or restriction which lots of people would want? Look no further than BMW. Anything else, you are getting snookered somewhere else (ie restriction on state such as GM for lease transfer, not desirable car with high payment, low residual such as Volvo, arcane complex process such as Toyota, Honda, Hyundai.

Don’t risk it, go for BMW, their lease transfer is second to none and you will be able to move a lease within weeks, possibly just by posting on Craigslist or here.

I am sorry, but my advice to you is to drop the XC90 and look into Infinity Qx60. The Audi Q7 is also very similar to your vehicle preference but does not lease well. Good luck.

Looked at QX60 - Hated the technology setup and have a friend who drives one who agreed.Q7 I’ve tried - can’t get the lease anywhere near the price of the XC90…too new, few incentives etc. BMW X5 7 seater is basically a 5 seater - third row is unusable.

Asked dealer to review 24 months instead of 39 but it added $160 per month :frowning:

Yup- pretty much what I said in my previous comment except for I didn’t know the technology on the QX60 is unbearable (which is odd since it is powered by Intel).

Have you considered maybe a Savannah (GMC). Not to be rude- I’m just expanding the horizons at this point. One of my family members have one of those customized- it’s affordable and it’s pretty decent.