Volvo EX90, the XC90's Electric Replacement, coming November 9

Some interesting outlines starting to emerge.

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Actual EU Patent photos


Why you tag kia and hyundai :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That patent photo looks like the current XC90 which has been around for 7 years! Well except the grille…


Bit more of a slope at the rear too I think, which is classic EV trait

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I think this will be very popular.

However, I wonder what will happen to the XC90s as prices are relatively soft already…

Are we in heaven? :thinking:

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TFW you forget to have a dress shirt pressed. Looks like a bad comedy sketch.

should’ve cast morgan freeman…


he’s just always cast as god, president, chief justice, etc. etc. He’s been in a bunch of ads as “gods voice” too iirc

Nothing says “laundry day” like a white shirt with a beige jacket.

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Black slacks and white sneakers…would have guessed huaraches. There’s mind control goin on in this outfit.

That’s a clean fit :fire: