Volvo C40 Recharge Plus - $366/mo | $2.6k DAS (First+Tax+DMV+Doc) | 36/7.5 | 11% Pre-Incentive

Picked this up last week from a NY based dealer (extra incentives)
C40 Recharge Pure ElectricTwin eAWD Plus

Shout out to @LeaseNYC for connecting me with the dealer :slight_smile:

MSRP: $58,640
Monthly: $366
Due At Signing: $2666: Including taxes $2044, DMV $85, Doc $175, First $366
Term: 36 months
Mileage: 7,500 miles/year
Purchase Price: $52,190 (11% off MSRP)
Residual Value: $31,665 (54%)
Money Factor: 0.00043 (1.03% APR)
Rebate: $9,500: $7,500 (Lease EV Bonus), $1000 (Loyalty), $500 (A-Plan), $500 (NY Drive Clean)

Sold our 2019 XC60 that I bought out from lease last year and netted $8,700 in equity (sold for $31,500) (only had 19k miles).

Best part about this deal for me it was a net net vs the mid-atlantic deals but without MSD’s.


That money factor is nuts!

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With 2024s getting much better range, I can only imagine how eager Volvo stores will be to move these things.

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Loyalty and A-Plan really sweetened this deal. Congratulations!