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Hi LH Community,
We’re here to help you get a great deal on your next lease. Let know us how we can serve you.

Sean Lee
Managing Partner

Here’s our EASY process:

  1. Tell us what you need (Make | Model | Trim | Color | Options | ZIP | Term/Miles | Loyalty)
  2. We pick a specific car to quote you (deal should be very similar to what we have posted)
  3. We confirm availability and the lease numbers with the participating dealership
  4. If all is good, then we invoice you for our reasonable $399 broker fee and connect you to the dealer (they’ll run your credit, etc…). Should you decide not to go through with the lease, our fee is fully refundable.

We try our best to be professional throughout and respectful of your time so we’d appreciate it also in return.

Our Brands: Volvo, BMW, Audi, Lexus, Alfa-Romeo
Our Markets: Primarily NJ, NY, CT (sorry, only regional deals)

OSP Auto LLC, 120 E. Main St. Suite #136, Ramsey, NJ 07446
(201) 834-6654 (CALL OR TEXT US)

NOTE: We usually update numbers by around the 10th of each month.

Hi All, Just added some great loaner deals. XC40’s, XC90’s and S60’s. Please see the google sheet.

SOLD XC40 Loaner - 22.7% Discount OffStickerPrice. Great deal. Let me know if you’re looking for a Volvo. These are the real numbers, not an inflated discount just to get you to contact me.

Best looking spreadsheet format I’ve seen yet here.


Imagine people here paying broker fees to those who put up sloppy, inaccurate, copy-pasted messes of spreadsheets…

If you do choose to pay a fee you should only receive white glove priority service.


Richie1, I couldn’t agree more. I just did this XC40 deal for a customer in the Philly area. Taking care of all the paperwork remotely and I arranged to have the car delivered to her over 2hrs away ($250 cash to the 2 drivers). Saving her and her husband a ton of time and money.


Couldn’t agree more, customers also shouldn’t string a long brokers if they didn’t want to pay their fee from the start.


That would be quite shameful, wouldn’t it?

What does the .5 and 1 mean after the loaners?

My guess is full or half loaners.

Yes, just means 1/2 or full loaner. I just marked it so I can keep track easier. Dealer gives a different discount based on mileage and length of service.

Tick tick tick. Month end is on Monday for most brands. Pro tip, you usually just need the finance app approved to qualify for the current month’s rates (MF, residuals, incentives), but you can push off closing/delivery into the next month.

Here are the current deals. We usually will have the next month’s program up by the 10th or so.

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New to LH forums, so bear with me. Able to do a XC90 Deal in MI?

Sorry, I don’t have any Volvo dealers currently that are willing to do out of region deals, but if that changes I’ll post it.

How wide is your region? Albany New York would be within it?

I’m local to the capital region as well and going to be on the look out for a new lease in a few months.

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Albany is ok, but depending on the dealership you may have to come to the dealership. Please PM me with what you’d like.

DC depends on the brand/dealership. Please just PM me what you’d like.

Hey Tasmith, One of my Volvo dealers said they’ll do out of region deals! PM me when you’re ready. The March deals should be posted by end of week.

Thanks for the update! I’ll look for the March deal updates and decide what we are doing.