Volt from Camino Real Chevy

I just want to give a shout-out to Marci Adishian at Camino Real Chevy in Monterey Park. I just leased a Volt from her. My goal, as I learned here, was to look at the total cost of ownership – all fees, taxes, etc. She made that a whole lot easier to do than many other dealers, with no games and no hidden fees. Her prices were better, too. If you’re looking for a Chevy, check her out. And for what it’s worth, the Volt is one nice car – smooth as silk and very high-tech – and lease prices are very attractive now.


That’s nice, can you give us the breakdown of the deal you got?


Share your deal first, not the CA that you got it from. Then everyone can decide for themselves whether to contact her.


Here’s the deal, but with a caveat – it was available for only a short time at the end of June. The payment and the money factor have gone up since then.
10,000 miles/year, 36 months
35 Payments of $264.25, tax and registration included, zero down, no other fees.
I did not have a previous lease which would have made for an even better deal.
MSRP $34,160 and selling price was $29,617.49.

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Ha!! @Steve01…you and I probably saw each other when I went to get my Volt…small world! (Check out my deal here, which I also got at the end of June).

Marci is the bomb though!

I think that’s nearly identical. I would have gone with the one-payment lease, but I got worried about what might happen if the car were totaled or stolen early on. Apparently there’s some complicated formula that GM applies and they do rebate part of your payment. But this is my first lease and I wanted the least risk.

Which City is giving you a $200 rebate?

This is a Volt LT, base model, cloth seats. It’s a lot of car, though, even in that configuration.

Agreed that the base Volt is well equipped…wife was VERY impressed!

I live in Pasadena, which is very pro-EV (lots of chargers in my area!).

I’m on the west side – so I’m looking forward to parking free in Santa Monica.

Nice! Santa Monica is very pro-EV as well, from what I heard.

So how much of that is TTL and how much are you actually paying for the car?

Okay, now I’m going to show how dumb I am – what’s TTL?

tax title (registration) & license

“Official Fees and Taxes”: 2645.59
Tax included in each payment: 22.93 (9.5%)

The “complicated formula” is just exactly what it would be if you had $0 DAS and a normal monthly lease. One-pay with GM is totally safe. It’s all on your lease agreement.

Probably should have asked you guys first. You can save a good thousand dollars that way.

I just read that section of the lease agreement and it sure didn’t make a lot of sense to my untrained brain. The idea would be that if the car were totaled or stolen, GM would accept the insurance settlement and then return to me a portion of the single payment equal to the payments that won’t be made. If you had the car for 3 mos on a 36 month lease you’d get back the equivalent of 33 payments. Obviously there’d be some math involved in figuring out how much that would be, but that would be the general idea, correct?

agreed. you don’t get your “driveoffs” back, but, you wouldn’t get save on that with a monthly payment lease either.

i.e. if you have a $8200 lease for 36 months, and it had $1K in drive off fees as part of it. (so 7200 after drive offs), you’d get $200 back (7200/36) for every unused month (not 8200/36 for every unused month)

Correct. 202020202020

That was my understanding as well, which is why I didn’t have an issue doing a lease one-pay for the Volt/GM and saving some dough.