Vehicles available to lease at 1% rule or lower?

Besides Tesla’s leasing well lately, buddy was able to get a model S for $800ish a month and the Etron GT which I negotiated a deal for that I discuss in another thread. Just a little worried about its range. Don’t care for electric btw. What other cars are leasing well $1500 max? (Preferably $1250) $5k DAS or one pay to make effective $1250. Already had the EQS and brothers living with me have S class and model S, can’t really go downgrade to an EQE. I saw the SL63 post for like $40K off + $10K conquest. What other cars are to be had in this range? Atleast 10K per year. Covid has got the entire market so weird. If anybody who read my other thread is wondering why I made this, its just in case I go lemon law and can’t work it out with MB and Audi incentives go away. Also for anybody who wants to be smart and make jokes. Its nothing wrong with not wanting to go from a “S” class category tier vehicle to a lower tier just to get a great steal, I’ve seen the EQE posts. Every buddy has a budget, and mine allows to spend this much. AWD is a little bit of a requirement due to MI weather. Also I do not consider the Tesla or the E tron to be on par with the EQS interior wise but they are bang for their buck for what they are leasing for.

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