V60 pricing is apparently out

So it’s going to be the same price as the over-priced s60, which means it’s still “good” for me, in the sense that it’s not more than the s60, but you must order it. Anyone think there will be incentives or discounts? This is the one I’ve been waiting for!

Discounts or incentives with factory order only…I doubt it. Dammit. I can imagine dealers sticking to MSRP because its ‘so rare’ and thus there’ll be hardly any sold. Y’never know though.

Interesting. I wonder if this is the beginning of Volvo testing the waters on factory-direct sales. Assuming they don’t negotiate price, you’re in a situation where the dealer is just a delivery mechanism.

The car is also on the CBV platform.

My thoughts exactly - screw the customers, screw the dealers, too, save for the customers with money and who truly don’t care about spending it, which is so few people.

There will be dealers who order them, they just won’t be given an allocation. Just like the V90. Ultimately they will sit and you will see discounts if you are willing to search far and wide.

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is the US getting the V60 Cross Country too?

Between this and their subscription service, it looks like they are trying to shed themselves of traditional dealers. Probably a test case for Geely (their parent company) to determine their strategy to enter the US market?

They learn from V90/V90CC how badly wagons sell in the US. And probably also from dumping a shit load of 2017/18 S90s here.

Damn them and their business sense!

Maybe V90’s sold terrible because you have to order them and loose negotiating power doing so. You can later pick what a few dealers ordered and compromise on choice.

V90CC is not ordered and they still sit. Most were manufactured over a year ago.

Don’t they sit because not as much lease support as crossovers/SUV’s? Like the Audi Allroad is more expensive than the Q5 equally equipped. I remember when BMW was still selling the 5 series wagons here they were more than the X5 were to lease. Same applies to the E class Mercedes wagons.

They’ve had $2,750-3,000 cash for the past 3-4 months in all regions (I think). More than XC90 or XC60 in some regions. XC60 only has $750 in Mid-Atlantic ($2-3k in NE) vs. $2,750 on V90. They also have $6,750 purchase cash for the same 3-4 months.

Maybe I’m mistaken now on the Volvo wagons. Last year they seemed more than many Crossovers/SUV’s. Even with $6000 off, a purchase has a steep monthly on the wagons.

With a good 10% discount it is almost $13k off discount on purchase. With a-plan it’s over 13k. Not bad. Not cheap, but it is a loaded $60k car.

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Yeah for some reason Volvo didn’t want to dump any wagons, it seemed like they didn’t want to sell any to me at least. My experiences were awful trying to negotiate for one. Every dealer seemed disinterested in even trying.

They’re coming from Sweden, starting around mid-year. No word on special order only that I’ve heard- it’s early yet. If a dealer can get as many as he can order, there will be discounts. If the factory wants to make a lot of them, there will be incentives. The new S60 will come from South Carolina and plenty can be built. The wagon market is small, but Volvo is a charter member there.


Well, not really mid-year, but you can still argue that March is such :thinking:

T5 FWD MOM w/prem, leather and 18" is $43,145. Not bad. But cannot add Advanced without Multimedia - $5K for both…

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This will hopefully be my next car. I was trying to wait for it; good thing I didn’t because March would’ve been too long a wait.

Fortunately Southern California likes wagons, so Volvo dealers here tend to carry decent wagon stock.