Lease on a 'Special Order' Volvo V60

I’m looking to get into a Volvo V60 but I’ve heard rumors that the new ('19) V60 will be special order only. My local dealership says if that’s the case, they’re not going to stock any, so I’d have to order one through Volvo; the problem with special order is there’s no incentive for the dealer to mark down (as far as I know) off MSRP, so it ends up being an awful lease ($600+/mo. for a $44k car). I was wondering if anybody has experience with this? Will dealers still buy cars to stock their lots, or should I look at buying a certified used instead?

I’m told it will be allocated and distributed normally. Once a dealer knows he can place x number of orders or (hopefully) that as many sold orders as he places will be built, they should have no problem ordering one for a discount. I wouldn’t expect a huge discount for a brand new (probably hot) car, and the big discounts won’t arrive until Volvo puts incentives on them. You might be a year or more away from that.

The same story was with V90 a year ago - order only. There are plenty of them sitting on the lots at discounts now. And there is even 6k finance cash on them.

The V90 was special order originally and with no incentives vs the Cross Country. I’m told the V60 will not be the same deal as the V90 and we can’t order them until around March.

You can order now for March delivery. And yes - V60 will be the same as was V90 in the beginning - special order, like I said. V90CC was not.
You were also told V60 won’t be available until mid-year 2019, so?

Where do you get this from? According to our market manager, this is incorrect. But I wouldn’t say he’s 100% correct, either.

I am able to put in orders for V60s, but I’m told they won’t get picked up until March. I’d love to see the car sooner, but I don’t think they’ll be arriving in the US in March. Where did this image come from (and how long ago)?:

Isn’t that is what I said above? :roll_eyes:

This is from Volvo email I received. I posted it the same day I received it, so you can check the post to see when.

@ursus - to me, “picked up” means order accepted to arrive about 3 months later. You’re interpreting it as car delivered.

Is there really a need for this? > :roll_eyes:

You first said:

Then you said:

I just clarified that your first statement was wrong and the second was correct after you questioned my statement:

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So I should expect to see V60’s on dealer lots around March/April, but it probably won’t be a good lease option until they start getting discounted around the end of 2019/early 2020? What about the V60CC - if that’s not special order, they should start discounting after the initial rush, right? This super slow rollout of the V60 is killing me.

I’ve found a few V90’s that are amazing lease deals due to their huge discounts off MSRP, but I think the V90 is too much car for us. It’s like a boat.

I have no idea if we start seeing them on the lots in March. My Volvo GM told me “limited availability starting in April”, but this doesn’t mean much. I think nothing good will be available on them for a year. Don’t know about CC, though there was Volvo email about them.