Used tires-where to?


where might I look to get used tires that meet the lease-end inspection criteria?


Craigslist- what car model is it?
Some models people upgrade wheels and new take offs are available- i.e.: Jeep Wranngler


I got 2 runflats from ebay.
Barely used, was quite happy with the purchase


I highly recommend Best Used Tires

I bought 4 used Goodyear RS-A2 245/45ZR20 tires a couple of months ago. I paid an average of $110-120 a piece which was a huge savings. They shipped free and I received within two days. I live in NJ and they are located in PA, so they may take longer to ship further.

I bought one pair, then two single tires as no pairs were available. All four tires had at least 10/32s which looked brand new. The first pair had a couple of patches, but I’ve had no issues, and I had patched one of my original tires, and have never had any issues. Paid $15 a piece to get them mounted and balanced at Costco.


if you live in a large city, Craigslist is the way to go.
Alternatively, there are smaller independently owned shops who sell used tires, usually in lower end neighborhoods.


Thanks for all your help. What is normally the minimum thread depth allowed ??


consult with your particular leasing company, usually 4/32 or better. I wouldn’t cut it that close though. Also if your car came with runflats you need to return with runflats


Facebook too, either local community or specific car group.


I got all 4 of them from eBay… and bring them to independent shop to install them. Total cost is half of what BMW wants and most importantly it pass the inspection. Make sure to pick like 6/32 if your min. Is 4/32… Some seller might give a bit off number.


I did 4 used Goodyear LS2 RF for my 535 on eBay for under 400. 6/32 tread life.


Great website, I’ve done this on multiple lease returns. You save 50-70% off tire rack pricing


Thanks, Bestusedtires certainly looks promising. I’ll re-check with them 1-2 months before lease-end.


do the tires need to be the same manufacturer and type that you leased or as long as they meet the min specifications, you are good?


I’ve been told this is sort of a grey area, but you want the quality to be the same, and all 4 tires to be the same brand and style as each other.

I think if you returned it with chinese crap tires when it came with Bridgestone’s, you’d be dinged. But swapping Bridgestone for Michelin should be fine.

I goofed up and just bought 4 brand new tires for $800 all-in, with 3 months left on a lease. Oh well. Front two were deadly bald, couldn’t wait on it any longer.


In regards to this, I just bought two sets of tires for my i3’s and wanted to know if the old tires are worth anything?


Important thing is tread depth, and original size and speed rating (and run flat if originally equipped). Brand name doesn’t matter. I put cheap Chinese tires on every time and have never been dinged. I’ve been leasing for 20+ years too.


Tires just need to meet the original specification set by the manufacturer. Brand does not matter.


Dammit. Well, good to know for the future.


Often times, not all 4 tires are below minimum thread at lease-end. If you need to replace only fronts or only rears or only one of the 4 tires (due to misalignment or damage for example), than obviously you will make sure to stay with same OEM brand all around


Yes. but if your tires do have a really good tread because u had to replace them much sooner than you thought, then swap them out for cheap ones seems logical. Of course most ppl would already know that lease is coming up and not put expensive tires on a car going to be returned… Its good to know options…