Usbank wear and tear lease policy

I figured I would post this since people are sometimes scared of Usbank leases. Their policies aren’t anymore strict then other banks. I do offer wear and tear protection for $600 however if you’re worried about being charged for excessive damage.

Usbank leases thousands of vehicles a year. No one writes reviews when they have an easy return process. People think they can beat up leases and get away with it. You don’t own the car…

Please note this chart is NOT all-inclusive. You may be charged for items not represented on this chart.


That post has nothing to do with damage. It’s about selling to a third party which isn’t allowed and clear in the contract.

If you’re worried about damage buy protection for $25/mo. With their residuals you’re still saving thousands

Read the post Jim.

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Ive had 3 returns and was never charged. I’d like to see some posts of people that were charged, with pictures of the damage, within the last 3 years.

And can’t you just polish out pitted headlights for less then $50? That guy was upset by he didn’t read his contract about selling to third parties.

Again they lease thousands and thousands of cars a year. The only people that write reviews are those that had a bad experience. No one ever returns their car and says “hey, let me write a review about how easy that process was”

I had a Tesla Model S return to US Bank. Surprisingly they were not difficult to work with. We had a ‘repaired front bumper’. The black part underneath had a small hole punched in it and had been reattached by the body shop when it should have been replaced. Micro cracks on the front bumper and there was no charge. I also had a scratch on the side mirror and a few other dings small things. I had some road rash on the 21" rims, and there was no charge for that either.


Most of the bad stuff I read about them is from the subprime days of 2007-2009. I’m pretty sure they had some lawsuits over lease returns and changed their “nickel and dime policy” since then.

Just make sure to get a pre return inspection and take a video and photos of your vehicle before returning it. If they do claim damage that isn’t there, a small claims suit against them will have them drop that really quick. It’s not worth it for them to send their lawyers in.


There isn’t a single thing anyone can tell me to lease through this bank. They could give me the car free and I’d tell them no thanks. Not everyone trashes their cars, but bumps and bruises are sometimes inevitable. I’ve seen pictures of things people have been charged for at USB that nobody batted an eye at through a captive lender.

To each their own, but I’ve seen more horror stories through USBank than all other captives combined.

Disagree. Plenty of recent press on nickel and diming still happening. This is a major profit center for them, and has been noted as such by insiders.

Here’s a post from an insider that has industry insight on USBank.

I understand that you’re pumping USB because you do so many leases through them, but it’s disingenuous to downplay something as nitpicky as “pitted headlights”, discount all the bad reviews and act like there’s nothing amiss here. Because the bad reviews are REALLY BAD. It seems a lot like playing Russian Roulette at turn-in to me. Maybe you get charged $0, maybe you get charged $5000 for some total BS.

I have heard from car salesmen that they steer customers away from USB due to the issues that customers have had at lease return.

The fact that their return guideline explicitly states that they can charge you for things that are not in their guideline is a huge red flag.

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Did that, didn’t work. We returned our US Bank lease circa 2017 and were charged over $1,000 for wear and tear that fell within the guidelines of that PDF (yes, I found it on Google and reviewed it too). I clearly documented the wear and tear, sent photos and videos, wrote letters, appealed, learned that Minnesotans are some of the most passive aggressive people on earth. Pretty sure there was an arbitration clause in the lease contract, too.

Scratch on front bumper: $122.59

Scuff on black plastic trim: $815.18 (claimed they needed an entirely new front bumper and repaint)

Chips on rear bumper, by trunk lid (within wear/tear guidelines): $105.25

Not saying this will happen to everybody, but what you suggested doesn’t appear to work.


Nor would I consider anything listed there “beating up” the car

Why not just repair that before returning the car? Those are obvious scratches. A protection plan would have also covered all this.

I’m not pumping usbank. I tell everyone to consider a protection plan, I don’t financially benefit from it and I get people a huge discount.

Infiniti financial was way worse at lease return then my usbank leases.

My point was that they lease thousands of cars. The people that write reviews, are the ones that have a bad lease return. Usually due to their own fault.

All those pictures could have been repaired before return. Likely with $20 of touchup paint.

Why would he repair those items? ANY captive would waive those as normal, with MAYBE the scuff on the bumper as the exception. He indicated they fell within normal with USB as well, yet still got charged. If the bank is telling you it’s normal, I wouldn’t get them fixed either.


I have Ally and was worried about the wear and tear so I got the protection. covers extra miles too, but I’m still worried that for some reason they will say this scuff under the car (still painted surface, but can’t see it unless you literally crawl under) is over their $1000 per incident policy.

Probably just me being paranoid. But I keep my cars in extremely good condition, and this scuff was caused not by me but by the tow truck Alfa sent out when I had a problem with the car. I will be so pissed if for some reason I get dinged even with the protection. I haven’t heard good stories from Ally either, although not as bad as US Bank

Ally is the former GMAC, so they at least have a history of captive experience/mentality, and will likely treat you better than USBank. No guarantees obviously, and without seeing pictures, it’s impossible to say.

Why don’t you file a claim against the tow company?

We didn’t repair them because the wear and tear fell within the guidelines you shared in your first post. Now I know better, but hindsight is 20/20.


I am in progress, but I need to find time to get an estimate of how much it would cost to fix. I also don’t want to have it repainted because the color i have is hard to match, and would probably involve the whole panel being painted where some of it is visible. It is also hard to find the time to coordinate with a repair shop due to my schedule

I’ve talked with sales managers that won’t deal with USBank due to historical terrible lease return experiences, resulting in the customers coming back to the dealership thinking it’s their fault when they’re only the middleman.

A sales mgr looking to move a car and not willing to use a particular bank, thus potentially losing a deal altogether speaks volumes to me.


here is the picture. about 12 inches long, hard to get a pic because I had to crawl under lol. once I get it to a facility I trust I will try and get a better one