Updated Toyota numbers for February. Highlander, 4runner, Tacoma, tundra and more!


Thanks UPDATED for February pricing. Residuals and mfs Stayed about the same as January across the board.

Pricing is based on 39 months, 12,000 miles a year, unless noted, several tundra deals are 24/12. Tax, tags and $118 dealer doc fee not included.

Please message me for firm quotes with all tax/tags, dealer fees ($118 doc fee!) included, or any other specific question. I do not want the thread to be clogged up with personal questions. Thanks!.

The speadsheet below is based on 12,000 miles a year. **All Pricing is based on just first months payment due at signing, $0 down.


Email me for quotes between feb 5-13 as I won’t be able to get texts, I will be out of the country.

Everything we carry is 4x4. Pickup in the Philly area or arrange your own shipping. I will be listing individual in stock deals throughout the month with photos and window stickers, so check back to see them.

Members bank is pricing only for PA, NJ, and MD. Any other state must use Us bank for their best pricing which is highlighted in orange.

Credit must be 750 for members bank best pricing deals. If you’re between 700-749 pricing is listed on the spreadsheet. expect up to $40/mo more for 650-699. typically it has been $20/mo however.

Usbank pricing is for 690+ credit and is for all states besides pa, nj, de. It is the orange column in the spreadsheets.

2019 Ford Explorer XLT/Limited
Sales to All states. Redesigned 2019 RAV4 xle Pricing Nationwide Pickup or ship from Philly 36/10 $285/mo with msds Tax/tags all fees included! Msrp $30,300. LE with msds $265/mo PA tax/tags inc

Any for Highlander


Can your dealers provide deals on smaller trucks / SUVs?

How is the Rav4 Hybrid XLE looking for 36/12?


I’m going to have rav4, highlander and Camry today I believe.

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Some trucks that are really standing out this month.

$44,600 msrp Tundra crewmax 24/12 for $290/mo!

$42,500 msrp Tacoma limited 4x4 $312/mo

$37,500 Tacoma trd sport 4x4 auto and manual trans $252 and $241/mo

$36,000 Tacoma sr5 auto 4x4 for $234/mo! As cheap as it gets for a functional small pickup in my opinion!

Also $38,500 4runners starting at $337/mo is cheaper then we’ve seen them in the past


Quick question…on the Tacoma TRD Sport, why does it show $252/MO but then it shows $318 under the US Bank tab? The spread on these seems way more than on the other models. Thanks.


hi. are you a broker? do you charge a broker fee or get paid through the dealer? What is your fee if you charge? I’m interested in a new Toyota and can travel. thank you.


that’s just petty


what is petty?


Members bank is a credit union that has great pricing, but only offer credit to the states I listed above in the description. If you’re not in those states, you will need usbank or Toyota financial. Those companies have lower residuals, and/or higher interest rates.


Some trucks I can offer immediate sales on and a small discount because they’re in stock. All prices are just first payment down, 24/12. More or less miles available as well as other colors/options/trims.

Tacoma sr $220/mo

Tacoma SR5 $230/mo

Tacoma Trd sport $250/mo

Tacoma limited $310/mo


Some reviews from previous leasehackr clients


Open your “review” thread for this, like others do.


Tundra sr5 sport black on black

$325/mo plus tax/tags! $48k msrp


It’s petty to want to know how much he charges?

He still hasn’t answered BTW.

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Great deals as usual! I will be watching for the numbers on Highlanders - need a vehicle for my teenager!

For those lurkers (which is what I was when I joined this forum 2 months ago) who are interested in a great lease deal and found this topic, know this: it’s real. This guy Jrouleau426 is real. These deals are as good as they look. Just like you, I wasn’t sure and had my doubts, but now I have a beautiful Tundra Limited in my driveway for $5K less than I would have paid in South Florida.

Thanks again Jim!!!


I charge anywhere from $0-$1000 depending on what services you subscribe to.

I will always answer all your questions, pull as many quotes as you want and any other consultation totally free.


Any more “reviews” in this thread and they all be moved to landfill, until you open your review thread.

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The specials you have listed above with photographs, those prices would be with Members 1st correct, not US BANK.