UPDATED Jan 3rd - SOCAL - Manheim Auction Results


I wasn’t ragging on you…I never clean mine when I turn them in, and they always end up with a rush clean job looking the same as yours when they’re relisted :slight_smile:


Anyway to get updated numbers on a 2016 mazda6 grand touring…i feel like the sedan prices have been getting crushed all year


Do you have a Carfax for it which lists auction date and location? A generic search for Malibu LTs in the Midwest didn’t bring anything back with that mileage.


It might not have gone to auction. When you ground a GM, the grounding dealership has first dibs. If they pass it up, GM opens it up to all dealerships across the country for a week or so. If one bought it, it would’ve skipped auction. My last 2 didn’t go to auction, and as such, one of them I didn’t get dinged for disposition. I’m in PA. One ended up in IL outside of CHI and one ended up in Princeton.


A GMF rep specifically said auction on the phone when speaking about something related. (There was a charge on the account I was told was an auction fee). The car was grounded in New Jersey so I’m assuming it was the Northeast. How it got to Illinois is anyone’s guess. I know that there are service records for an oil change, etc done on 10/17 by that dealer.


Here are the Northeast Malibu auction for Manheim. Doesn’t appear to be there (but this view only shows the last few weeks).


The values sound about right though. I know 15k was the high end. Vroom and Carvana offered me around 12 for mine which was nowhere near the payoff. So that’s probably around where it ended up. I just can’t imagine a dealer listing that car at that price, especially when there’s an accident on the carfax history.


thanks @cheapdad00


37k is allot of farts


Those Mustang prices are nuts


Especially when over 20 to 25k of those miles were used for Uber!


Yeah the front to back seat ratio on an uber fart car are completely different than your standard fart car.


They look pretty normal to me, the miles and model explain the differences, more farts, lower prices


$15.5k for a 2017 Eco Premium Convertible with 50k miles sounds good to me. Given they’ve had a face lift since, seems like a great value



been lurking on this site for a while but this is my first post.

do you know if there are any lexus or toyota financial sales coming up on the West Coast, Texas, or Southern region?

Looking for a rust free 2013 to 2015 Lexus LX 570. There should be some 2015s and 2014s coming off lease now. Do you mind sharing some prior sales for 2013-2015 LX 570s?

Would really appreciate it!


Could you please share any recent Lexus GS 350 sales on the West Coast. 2015 and newer. Thanks!


here you go


really nice of you @Cali to provide this level of insight to us. thanks a lot!



Great info, really appreciate it. Is this everything coming up for sale? I am looking for 2013-2015 and there doesn’t seem to be much in the pipeline accrding to that list. Can you also pull up transaction data for 2013, 2014 and 2015 lx 570?