UPDATED Jan 3rd - SOCAL - Manheim Auction Results


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There aren’t any 2013-2015 in the West. only 14 nationwide


I’m currently looking to pay a dealer to purchase a BMW diesel. Preferably 2009-2010 BMW 335d or x5 35d. I need help gauging how much price difference will be between the 2. Thanks in advance.


Just saw this thread and this the car I have on lease:
2016 BMW 528I 4GT 4DSN A PS AC SR 4X2 24,765 ALPINE W $26,750
So the auction price 8 months ago (Feb 2018) was $26,750 and my end-of-lease buy out in Jan 2020 is 32K. BAHAHAHA BMW is screwed.


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That’s a very good example. Did I read on another thread that dealers/manufacturers/finance companies will purchase residual insurance to help mitigate this end of lease situation (potentially curtailing the process of negotiating ones buyout)?


Yes, the finance companies are insured against residual variations - PAID BY YOU in the money factor.



Hi Cali, thank you for being a great resource on Manheim auction values. I’m currently considering a 2015-2016 F80 M3. Curious to see what 2015/2016 lease returns are going for at auction on the west coast, specifically northern/Southern California. Thank you!


Hey @Cali I’m possibly looking to pick up an off lease 2015 Volt. Can you give me an idea as to what they are going for at auction in AZ and CA?


Hi, does anyone have the final lineup of cars for today’s 11/15/18 Riverside Manheim auction? Trying to get an idea of what 911’s are coming in off lease. Any help is appreciated!



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Could you post recent Northeast 2015-2016 Audi S3 sales?

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Hey@Cali would you be able to give me price range on a 2015 Accord LX with around 50K at the NJ or surrounding Manheim.
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Do you by chance have the 11/29 results? This info is amazing. Thank you!


2017 ford raptors what are they going for since the 19s hit.


Would anyone be able to post results of any Manheim Highline auction in Texas? Thanks in advance!


Hi! Can someone with access to Manheim Riverside let me know if there are any 2016 BMW x5’s coming up for auction? Also, if you could run what those are going for, that would be super appreciated. Thank you!