UPDATED Jan 3rd - SOCAL - Manheim Auction Results


The 29k one was probably trashed


I believe so. The codes in the listing does not represent the condition of the Car. I think the $29K one might have bad tiers and a lot of damage to body or engine.


Or one had much higher MSRP.


I am looking for a dealer who can help me get some info from Manheim website with a reasonable fee. I just need weekly post sale info of the a few vehicles. Please PM me if you know someone that can help.


Do you still need past sales from Manheim?


Yes I appreciate if you can do that. Please let me know how can I contact you to send you the vin number of a few vehicles that I am interested.



I was wondering if someone could provide me with the auction/trade-in sold prices, for cars listed on 4/20/2018 and sold on 4/23/2018. Specifically, Manheim San Francisco Bay.

Please let me know if you are able to assist me.



I’m wondering if you could post results from the last highline in Riverside? Thank you!


Any way we can get manheim arena Bolingbrook, illinois Aug 212018? Dealers consignment?


wow these are awesome, do you happens to know where we can get the updated these? like each time they auction or monthly??

Thanks in Advance!


Any way to get an update on recent Porsche Panamera results?


yeah id love to see this or something like this report posted once monthly or at least quarterly :frowning:


This is interesting… I’m attempting to sell a family member’s Hummer H2, but I’m having difficulty pin pointing what it’s actually worth. Any way to get information on the H2 and past transactions? I do not have an account and am not a dealer, but would like to get an idea of auction comps so we know to fairly price the vehicle.


What year hummer H2?


2005, it’s a black on black H2 with about 95k miles. I believe it was in an accident a two years ago, but no frame damage. (Rear ended by a sedan)

Sunroof, navigation, leather 3 row seating. Located in York county, PA.


Recent auction results


Oh man, you rock! This is great! it’s actually better than I thought it would be. This gives me a great idea how much to ask or expect from people, it’s always good to have evidence to support our claims.

This goes a long way towards making this process easier for us.


Would you have access to a specific car? I’m just curious what my Malibu went for considering that a dealer in Illinois is trying to get $19,990 for it LMAO.


They didn’t do a good job in cleaning it before they put it on the lot…there’s dust everywhere in those pics!


I don’t know what the hell my wife is driving through or around, but even in the new Volt there’s dust all over stuff. It’s really bizarre. But yeah it’s definitely not the best detailing job.