Updated for march! 2019 QX60 AWD pure starting 275 + tax + msd, including vpp. TDAS: 1st month, bank, dmv and doc. [NY/NJ/CT]



PM sent. Ready to move on a pure awd. Please let me know next steps and how to send retainer fee.


PM sent, looking for a LUXE with essential pkg


@nyclife any idea when we can expect March numbers?


They are the same!


I am interested in this deal can you pm me total down and monthly payments for NJ I don’t have vpp,


I hate these kind of posts…“look at my candy but you can’t have any”! :laughing: I’ve been shopping for a nice QX60 deal :sob:


How much more for 15k yearly thx


Every time I see this deal, I really want to get one because of how cheap they are, but then I go to Infiniti’s website and I can’t get over how 2007 the interior is.


I’m interested in QX60 AWD Luxe. I’m VPP eligible.

Please PM me the details.

Thank you!


I am interested in QX60 LUXE AWD with essential 15k, 39 mo, drive off only. North NJ


I’m interested… need to see if I have vpp


I am interested… 2019 QX60, AWF Luxe, no vpp, NY
Pleaes PM me the details. Thanks!


I am interested…could you please provide me with the details?


I am interested in Luxe AWD with essential, can you please share the details or PM me


I am interested, Please PM me the details


i am interested in 2019 qx60 luxe awd essential package, live in nj, no vpp. can you post or pm me details? thanks!


I’ll take one where am I if I roll everything into the payment 12k miles no vpp in NJ


Hello - I would be interested, would you be able to PM me?


Hi my name is Pete I am definitely interested in this vehicle please contact me


I finally can go get the car tomorrow if the deal is still available. PM me please.