Updated for march! 2019 QX60 AWD pure starting 275 + tax + msd, including vpp. TDAS: 1st month, bank, dmv and doc. [NY/NJ/CT]



Any thing close to that in Texas ?


Interested in this deal


In NY, also interested in a Luxe. Sent you a PM


Hi, I’m interested in this deal. I’m in Long island NY and would like 12k. Could you please pm with more info / dealership? Thank you.


Will you ship to Raleigh? What’s the additional cost?


Interested in deal to Wisconsin or Chicago


PM me for Long Island NY


I’m interested in this deal. I’m living in NJ.


I am interested in this deal. Please PM me your contact details. Just an FYI i am not in the tristate area.


Interested in the deal. I’m from Long Island. Do teachers qualify for VPP? Please PM me details. Thanks!


Teachers don’t qualify unfortunately


Is conquest available this month?


No sorry, cancelled in early JAN


I’m interested in the luxe with essentials. Can this be shipped to WA? What’s the additional cost for shipping


No WA unfortunately


Interested in Luxe + Essentials. Do you ship to NV?


No states other than the ones in the post, thank you


interested in luxe with essentials, live in NY, please DM me details

2019 QX60 Luxe AWD Lease help
Looking to Lease 2019 Infiniti QX60 PURE AWD - Am I being unreasonable?
Infinity QX 60 Luxe is this a good deal? What would be a good deal on this?vpp disccount not included in this stimate yet

Hi @nyclife. This is the best deal on the street. I’m told everywhere else it can’t be done.

Looking for 39mo/12k PURE AWD. Can you help?


Yes I can, shoot me a message to go over the specifics and we will get the ball rolling!