Updated for march! 2019 QX60 AWD pure starting 275 + tax + msd, including vpp. TDAS: 1st month, bank, dmv and doc. [NY/NJ/CT]



What’s RV for the Pure for 7,500 miles/year? 59%? Friend may be interested


Infiniti doesn’t do 7500 miles a year.



At these prices, you could lease one, drive it around for a year then put it on SAL and I bet get $1k-$2k back. Cheapest QX60 on there now is $550/month.


You can’t lease swap an Infiniti either without removing yourself from the lease


I’m not 100% following… I’m saying roll everything into the payment and you are still under $400/month and then ask for $1-2k down payment (outside of the MSDs) for someone to take it over after you are tired of it. You drive a brand new $50K car for $300/month or less with nothing down.


You can’t remove yourself from the lease… you will always remain liable for the payments.


I’m interested


Wow Quentin, you keep killing it w/ these QX60 deals, just amazing and thanks for working these!

The QX60 is bigger than I want/need for everyday commuting, any decent deals for Feb on the QX30 or QX50?


Haven’t run a QX30 lately, but probably comparable (a couple bucks less) than the QX60. Infiniti really screwed up with the QX50, when they came out no one bought them. They say on lots for a good 5 months. All of a sudden, they rolled out a crap-ton of incentives. Now no one has any, so there is less of a dealer discount, and there are no incentives.


Say you have 12 months remaining, can you post on swap a lease for $3600, which would be 1 year payments? Would you be liable for any damages or overage charges at lease end?


You would remain liable on the lease no matter what way you look at it. Transferee decides not to pay for excessive damages or mileage for whatever reason…Infiniti will come after you.


Interested now…but in Southern Cal. I don’t qualify for VPP and have an existing QX60 that I have to turn in soon. Can you help?


Or the car gets totaled after the new lessee has quietly dropped his comp/collision coverage


Thanks for responses…they might as well say no transfers lol you’d be nuts to transfer with those risks


Some people transfer to people they “trust” but likely most are oblivious to the risks and/or so desperate to get out they don’t care.


Is the deal available in PA?


I’m interested. Please dm details. Thank you. I live in NJ


Interested in this deal also. Long island NY


Hi is this or similar deal available in maryland?


Yeah, what would this look like in Maryland with our tax rules.