🚨 UPDATED! 2019 Infinti QX60 Pure AWD, 209 + tax + msds, TDAS: doc/bank/dmv. Home delivery available. [NJ/CT]



Hi I live Long Island NY can you PM the details. Please!


Quentin I Know We spoke a year ago. really appreciated your help. would be very interested in this deal. need a car as lease up 12/12. Currently Have A Hyundai And Chevy Lease In Household


New to this site. I’m interested in this deal.


Can this deal only be done in south Florida?


Are these similar features for the Pure and Luxe in your ad Quentin @nyclife


Yes except no premium paint.


Should we try and call infiniti of Manhattan to get this deal? Should we mention your name?


Mention my name, too. Quentin and i have the best relationship with infiniti of Manhattan.


Is there are particular rep? or email address?


@nyclife who do you use there?


didn’t they shut down?


Google says so


Hello I am brand new to this amazing site but I live in NJ and I am very interested so I would like the details.


Noob question from NorCA, is it possible to

  • ship it to here but everything arranged by dealer? (maybe adding ~$30 to monthly payment)
  • get a similar deal in CA?



sadly no, I asked… went to two So Cal dealership, they pretty much laughed at my face… Suck to be in California


Is this offer still available? please PM me. thanks


From NJ. Please PM me … I like to get this done as soon as possible. thank you!!


Please send me the dealer details. Thank you


Can you please PM me more info? I am in NJ and interested in QX60. I don’t have EPP. Thanks.


I am in NJ and am very interested in this deal. I don’t qualify for VPP pricing. What would the numbers be without VPP?